How to Create a TRON Minimal Design – Photoshop Tutorial

TRON is definitely one of the geek’s dream-come-true movie. It’s suit and vehicles are perfectly slick which is why the attempts to assemble objects that replicates tools in TRON has been surfacing around the Internet. As for designer’s, with the right clicks and tricks using Photoshop, a TRON fiction does not need to be hard.

Today we will create a TRON wallpaper in Photoshop using stock photos and vectors. We will give you a precise guidance on how to do it and why certain method is better. You will get an in-depth comprehension of what you are doing. Buckle up for digital dream!

You will learn how to:

  • Analyze your design from out-of-the-box point of views
  • Create structured designs, based on hidden or related elements in your composition
  • Use shortcuts for a faster work flow
  • Make complex selections and cutouts via Channels
  • Effectively use general tools
  • Add perspective to your design
  • Combine vectors with pixels
  • Create light effects
  • Use blending modes
  • Use layer styles

Difficulty: Beginner – Intermediate. Completion time: 1 hour. Tools: Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3 optional.


NOTE: To install the font, extract on Desktop the .zip archive containing the font, then copy them. Go to C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\ directory and paste them in.

Why can’t I just extract them directly to the Fonts folder?

Your operating system won’t allow your archiver to modify or add any file within the C:\WINDOWS\ directory, so that’s why you need to do this manually. If you have opened Photoshop, restart it, or else you won’t be able to see the newly installed font.

After I chose my resources, I started sketching up some lines based on the model. Below is a schematic of the inspiration sources for the glowing lines on the body: pose, muscles, apparel, body shape, weight distribution and bones.

tron minimal ps tutorial

To enhance a model’s pose or body features, it’s not enough to just throw some random lines on.

Everything must have a source, be it shown or hidden. Keep in mind that my sketch is only one of the infinite possibilities you have, I encourage you to experiment.

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