Drag-And-Drop To Create Beautiful Websites With IM Creator

One of the first steps online entrepreneurs would plan to do is to set up a beautiful website and establish web presence. Even if you’re a stay-at-home mom who is selling homemade crafts and cookies, setting up a personal website to market your products is essential to get your delicious cakes out there. Often, that is easier said tha done, but we have something here that can really help your cause.

If you have no intentions of learning how to code to create your own website, IM Creator is a web app that lets you easily design and publish a website for the world to see. You don’t have to fork out anything or write a single line of code, and you will still be able to get a fully customized website all through the magic of drag and drop.

Let’s get started!

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50 High Quality Free Website Templates

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Start Building Your Beautiful Website

At IM Creator, you start by choosing a template or building a website from scratch. You can begin building without registering first but will have to eventually register in order to save your website and allow others to view it once it’s complete.

IM Creator Start

There are many templates to choose from, to cater to the type of e-commerce you are looking to run on your site. Template design categories range across a variety of jobs and careers: photographer, designer, architect, wedding, artists, musician, model/actor, hotel, restaurant, consultant, real estate & law.

IM Creator Template

Once you’ve found a template you like, you can simply substitute contents in the template with your own images and text. Using the website builder is as simple as adding elements onto the workspace.

Clicking on added elements allows you to place them to fit your layout by resizing and dragging them around. Other than dragging elements with a mouse, you can also use the directional keys on your keyboard for more accurate movements.

IM Creator Builder

You can use elements like pictures, text, videos, photo galleries, slideshows, contact info, HTML codes, menus and sub-menus to customize the layout and design of your website.

Publishing Your Completed Website

After you’ve finished designing and creating your website, click on the Publish button at the top right corner then give your site a name. Once you’ve clicked OK, you’ll be asked to register if you haven’t already. They will then provide you with a link you can share to let people see your beautiful creation. The link it provides would look something like www.i-m.co/[username]/[sitename]/.

IM Creator Name

IM Creator is a free service, and so there will be an ‘advertisement footer’ at the bottom of your created website. For a yearly subscription with a monthly fee of $7.95, you can use the design on your own domain and remove all these advertisements.

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