20+ Cheatsheets and Infographics for Startup Entrepreneurs

In recent years, we have seen a mushroom growth in the business startup culture all over the world. More and more individuals are leaving their day jobs to embrace the entrepreneur in them.

Either you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or already running a successful startup, here is a list of some interesting infographics for you. The infographics show information, statistics, and useful insights with cathy graphics. Let’s take a look.

7 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Began As Freelancers

7 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Began As Freelancers

If you want to start a small business, you craft a plan, make some financial decisions, complete some... Read more

#1 – Evolution Of An Entrepreneur
Evolution of an Entrepreneur
#2 – What’s Your Startup Style
Entrepreneurial Styles
#3 – 10 Rules for a Great Startup Idea
10 Rules For a Great Startup Idea
#4 – Startups Exposed
Startups Exposed
#5 – Crafting A Killer Investor Pitch
Investor Pitch
#6 – What is Crowdfunding?
What is Crowdfunding
#7 – Crowdfunding Statistics and Trends
Crowdfunding Statistics
#8 – Why Startups Fail
Why Startups Fail
#9 – Mapping Tech Startups
Mapping Tech Startups
#10- 10 Crucial Consumer Trends For 2013
10 Crucial Consumer Trends For 2013
#11 – Tips For Young Entrepreneurs
Tips for Young Entrepreneurs
#12- 14 Tips To Starting Up Your Own Company
14 Tips To Starting Up Your Own Company
#13 – Does Crowdfunding Really Work?
#14 – Inside The Mind Of A Startup Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur Mind
#15 – 7 Innovative Ways To Finance A Startup Business
Startup Finance
#16 – Kickstarter: The Science Of Crowdfunding
#17 – The 7 Stages Of Small Business Success
Small Business Success
#18 – Famous Entrepreneurs
Famous Entrepreneurs
#19 – How To Pick A Startup Funding Strategy
Startup Funding Strategy
#20 – Small Business Facts
Small Business Facts
#21 – Reinvention Of Small Business
Small Business
#22 – Entrepreneurs In The Cloud
Entrepreneurs in the Cloud
#23 – Top Startup Cities In US
Startup Cities