20 Awesome Gifts for Coffee Lovers

For most of us stuck in long commutes or in overwhelming workloads at work, we need our daily cup(s) of coffee. Don’t ask us why, we just do – no other catalyst drink gives us as much motivation as a cup of coffee. While others drink coffee as a side drink for their meal, some of us take pleasure in the aroma, taste and exclusivity a cup of coffee affords us.

If you are a fan of coffee or know one who is, here is a list of 20 perfect gifts for coffee lovers everywhere. Find coffee-making kits to make coffee on the go, creative coffee mugs, coffee clips, and many more. Note: please click into the source to find the price (as it may vary from time to time) as well as the availability of the stock.

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Coffee Cup LED Light Desk Lamp. Decorate your working desk with this cool LED coffee cup lamp, powered by USB or batteries. The illusion is also a great conversation starter. [Get it here]

Blue Bottle Coffee Moka Pot. Designed by Joey Roth, this modern and minimalistic Moka pot can be fitted with an aeropress filter to improve clarity of the brewed coffee. [Get it here]

KeepCup Brew Limited Edition Cork – Filter. The KeepCup is the ultimate reusable takeaway coffee cup. Help reduce throwaway paper cups own a KeepCup. Available in 8oz and 12oz capacities. [Get it here]

Couch Arm Wrap. Coffee table too far a common problem for you? Use this couch arm wrap to keep your cup of Joe close to the couch. It’s also perfect to leave your laptop, smartphone or meal on. [Get it here]

On-Off Coffee Mug. This is an elegantly designed heat color change mug with an On/Off design on the outside of the mug. [Get it here]

Coffee & Whiskey Pillow Case Set. A cute pillow case set for fans of coffee and whiskey – both drinks that can get you through tough days and nights. [Get it here]

Secura Automatic Milk Frother and Warmer. For those of you who prefer coffee with milk, this machine can make hot or cold milk for cappuccinos and lattes. [Get it here]

Kapu Coffee Scoop and Bag Closer. This combo clip was made to keep your bag sealer closed carefully to maintain freshness of your coffee and it doubles as a coffee scoop for you to get your measurements. [Get it here]

Cyclist Drink Accessory. Keep your coffee close, fellow cyclists, with this simple but effective drink holder. It attaches easily to the handlebar and comes in four colors: white, green, black and red. [Get it here]

Push Coffee Pot. A ceramic alternative to the more classical glass French press. Don’t worry, the press is still made of steel. [Get it here]

acaia: The Minimalist Coffee Brewing Scale. This minimalistic modern coffee brewing set comes with a coffee-brewing smartphone app and a sensitive scale. Both aims to help you track the process of making that perfect cup of coffee. [Get it here]

Blue Bottle Travel Coffee Kit. Need your coffee no matter where you go? Get this travel coffee kit, which includes a miniature hand grinder, a dripper, two enamel tumblers and filters. Just don’t forget your coffee! [Get it here]

Cup Holder Attaches To Rolling Bags. This handy cup or bottle holder can be easily attached to your rolling bag which is a perfect choice for frequent travellers. [Get it here]

Wired Coffee Mug. Power up with your coffee every morning with this electrically inspired mug. It has an electrical cord as its mug handle. [Get it here]

Bialetti Moka Express Coffee Maker. The perfect Polish aluminium finish makes this coffee maker look rich and classy. The knob and handle won’t heat up while preparing coffee, so you can hold it even if the maker is hot. [Get it here]

Thermos Coffee Travel Mug. Using this nice thermos, you can keep your coffee hot up to 5 hours, or cold up to 9 hours. It’s made out of durable stainless steel. [Get it here]

Starbucks Coffee Scoop Clip. This elegant scoop comes with a built-in clip-on so you can clip it to your coffee pack. Each scoop is two tablespoon-ful. [Get it here]

minibru Coffee Press Mug. Fill the cup with coffee, hot water, wait 3 minutes then press the filter cylinder down to filter your coffee completely. [Get it here]

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker. This coffee machine uses an ideal water temperature and gentle air to brew coffee. Takes just one minute of your time to brew your daily cup. [Get it here]

3D latte maker Awatachino White. Like the 3D lattes you keep seeing online? This awesome tool lets you make your own 3D latte right in the comforts of home. [Get it here]

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