Create Stunning Cinemagraphs with 10 Photoshop Tutorials

Cinemagraphs were originally coined by American photographers, Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio, who used this trick for their news and fashion photos back in 2011.

It’s kind of a hybrid between a still photograph and a video. The whole image remains still except for a particular movement that is repeated over and over again in just one section. These are usually saved in a GIF format.

You can create a cinemagraph using editing software which would compose the photographs or the video frames into a seamless loop of sequential frames. It may take a bit of time but I believe cinemagraph is a form of art worth giving a chance.

To help you along with the learning process, I’d like to share 10 ultra-cool cinemagraph Photoshop tutorials to assist you in creating your very own cinemagraph.

Feel free to share your cinemagraphs in the comment field below too.

Cinemagraph: 28 Still Photos With Subtle Motion

Cinemagraph: 28 Still Photos With Subtle Motion

So today, we're going to showcase animated GIF artwork, but there is no regular GIF we use on... Read more

Create Cinemagraphs Easily Using Cliplets

This awesome image which showcases a moving skateboard wheel can be mimicked in no time with this tutorial. It uses Cliplets to help you create this cinemagraph.

cinemagraph tutorial
How To Make a Cool Cinemagraph Image in Photoshop

This tutorial teaches you to play around with Photoshop action tools so that you can have your own cute shopping cinemagraph image like the shopping montage of the 90s.

cinemagraph tutorial
How To Make A Cinemagraph for Photoshop Newbies

All you need for this particular tutorial is basic Photoshop skills, a tripod, a video camera, Photoshop (of course) and Quicktime player. If you’re armed with that, you’re good to go.

cinemagraph tutorial
Create an awesome cinemagraph in Photoshop

In this lesson you learn how to use Photoshop frames to process footage, and how to tweak your sequence in order to find the ideal loop for export.

cinemagraph tutorial
Creating a Cinemagraph in Photoshop

This cool video guide will walk you through the process of creating a cinemagraph in Photoshop and also tells you all the niceties of using this method including how to save the file in the correct format.

cinemagraph tutorial
Create a Cinemagraph (or Cinegraph) Using Photoshop CS6

Use the latest Photoshop version CS6 to create a cinemagraph that’s bound to make everyone else green with envy!

cinemagraph tutorial
Cinemagraph: How to

Why not bring one of your favorite movie scenes to life in a different way? This guide will show you how to make a cinemagraph from a Vimeo video without having to take pictures.

cinemagraph tutorial