More Cinemagraphs: 32 Still Photos With Subtle Movements

We had previously introduced Cinemagraph: 28 Still Photos With Subtle Motion. A year has gone by since then and the collection on the Net has inevitably grown in size. This calls for a second part, which gave birth to this post: 32 more high-quality and intriguing cinemagraphs for your inspiration. These animated GIFs with minor and/or repeated movements occuring in still photos have captured the imagination of more and more photographers, challenging them to try their hand reinventing how we view still photos.

In fact, this new technique of ‘cinemagraphy’ was only discovered by U.S. photographers, Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck as recent as early 2011. Take this opportunity to check out these pioneering cinemagraphs and perhaps even create your very own!

How to Make A Cinemagraph (Image Source: Pontus Edenberg)

Glitz & Glamour (Image Source: From Me To You)

Here’s to Fridays! (Image Source: From Me To You)

Shipwrecked (Image Source: From Me To You)

Man With Trench Coat (Image Source: From Me To You)

Glamour (Image Source: From Me To You)

Hookah by Fire Light (Image Source: From Me To You)

Juicy’s Rock Candy (Image Source: From Me to You)

She’s Got Spring In Her Step’¦ (Image Source: From Me To You)

Mixer (Image Source: Cinemagraph)

Stubbing a Cigarette (Image Source: Cinemagraph)

Girl (Image Source: Cinemagraph)

Carol (Image Source: Erwin Tirta)

Lilia Wind Hair (Image Source: Cinema-graphs)

Snow Falling (Image Source: Burntoast15)

Dripping Drop (Image Source: Diego Ramirez)

Steam From Hot Coffee (Image Source: Jackson Finter)

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