10 Interesting Google Chrome Experiments (Games) You Should Try

Google Chrome is simply awesome when it comes to speed. Moreover, its superb support and stability for running games inside the browser make it stand out from all other modern browsers. Google Chrome Experiments, an attempt to test the capability of browsers, when combined with JavaScript, is a source of Web games that can be played on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, without downloading or installing any file beforehand.

Chrome Experiments was launched in 2009 by Google to showcase the power of browsers. This project lists creative experiments built by Google and various other programmers. These games are created using open web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, Canvas, SVG, and WebGL.

If you want to give one a try, pick one from this list of top games from Google Chrome Experiments here. All you need is your Chrome browser and the game link. If you haven’t truly realized what a browser could do, time to be amazed.

1. World Wide Maze

World Wide Maze turns any website into a 3D maze! The game, however, is afoot when you tilt the plane to move a ball to its goal. You can play it with your Android phone or iPhone, or you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard. It’s really an innovation! Check out this post for an inside look of World Wide Maze. [Play now]

2. Racer

Want to race on a virtual track? Start Racer and turn on the engines! You can enjoy the game with your friends using its multiplayer mode. Racer not only turns your screen into a racetrack, but it can also extend the track to multiple screens of up to five devices (phones and tablets). Just touch the screen to accelerate and avoid running off-track. [Play now]

3. Cube Slam

It’s Pong! Cube Slam recreates the classic game of Pong and upgrades it to 3D. Play against a bear or with a friend, and just try to keep the ball out of your side of the court. Three strikes and you are out. Things get leveled up as you advance into higher levels; expect shields, obstacle power-ups and gravity fields! [Play now]

4. GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr is a simple game that takes the guessing game to new heights. The game uses Google Street View, which allows you to view a place in 360 degrees, then you take a guess of where that place is by pinning it on the map provided. Points are awarded as per the accuracy of the guess. You can even ‘cheat’ by looking at the signboards, names of premises in the view or other clues in the 360 view, then Google it! [Play now]

5. Roll It

Roll It is the version of a skee-ball game, but you do the throwing with your smartphone. Sync the game on your screen with up to three smartphones using the same Wi-Fi network and Chrome browsers on desktop and mobile. Touch to aim, then swing your smartphone (don’t let go) to fling the ball into the slots. [Play now]

6. Tomorrow & Yesterday

Get the circle to the triangle and move on to the next level. The rules behind Tomorrow & Yesterday are very simple, but once you start playing this puzzle game, you will understand how time travel plays a vital role in you completing the maze. Entering the black box (time machine) lets a second you reenact your actions from the start up until you enter the time machine. Intrigued? Try it. [Play now]

7. CrossCode

CrossCode is a 2D game of puzzles with the unique theme of throwing energy balls. It’s an action RPG-type game where you complete tasks and overcome obstacles along the way. Jump over the block, move around the plot and destroy enemies with energy balls. Good, clean, fun and a fascinating game to run on a browser. [Play now]

8. Z-Type

Z-Type is a shooting game with a twist. To clear the invaders, you need to type the ‘enemy’ words correctly to wipe them off the screen. It, not only improves your typing speed but is an engaging shooting game with pretty decent graphics. [Play now]

9. HexGL

HexGL is a modern, speedy and futuristic racing game. You earn points for the distance you travel while trying to not damage your plane. Tracks have speed-booster packs which help boost your vehicle’s speed and you can stay in the game so long as your vehicle does not get damaged beyond operation. Prepare for an adrenaline rush, that’s all I’m saying. [Play now]

10. Redgie Roll

Redgie Roll asks you to guide Redgie, the Hedgehog, in her prickly quest to reach the bottom of the valley. You need to collect the coins in between to get points in the game. Dodging trees and other obstacles make the game interestingly difficult but so, so addictive.


Games and apps from Google Chrome Experiments are amazing examples of what can be done using HTML5, JavaScript and other web technologies. These games don’t just run in the browser, you can interact with these games, essentially play with them on the browser! Don’t wait, choose a game, and just play!

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