10 Reasons You Should Switch to Chrome for iPad

(This article was originally published on 2nd July 2012.)

Chrome was just released from its beta chains and made tech news headlines when it was offered in Apple’s App Store a few days ago. The move was met with a huge response as the mobile version of the most popular browser in the world took just one day to be the most downloaded free app in its category. Then, came the avalanche of reports about Chrome being "a lot" slower than Safari probably due to Apple’s restriction of third-party apps to its Nitro JavaScript engine (which Safari runs on). And the fact that Safari is still the default browser ensures that you will still have to revert to Safari when using your Apple devices.

Well, we’ve played with Chrome for a couple of days just to get a feel of what Chrome can do. As it turns out, despite the reports, we prefer the newcomer compared to Safari. Read on to find out our ten reasons why Chrome may be better than Safari and see if you agree with us.

1. Ability to open unlimited tabs

Google Chrome lets you open an unlimited number of tabs on the iPad, compared to only nine on Safari. We tried opening up to 20 tabs and it still performed very well without any lagging.

Unlimited Tabs

2. Swiping between tabs looks really cool

Unlike Safari, Google Chrome understand that pain of switching browser tabs (especially on iPhone). Google Chrome allows users to swipe from the edge of iOS devices to switch tabs easily. It’s an intuitive experience.

swipe switch tabs

3. Search and surf using omnibox

Google Chrome lets you search and surf fast, directly from the same box. Here, search results and website URLs appear as you type the keyword(s).

search surf same box

4. Ability to sync with other devices

Google Chrome allows you to sign in and sync your omnibox (address bar) data, bookmarks, saved paswords and view tabs they have open between computers, Android devices and iOS devices. As long as you sign in Google Chrome with the same ID, you bring all your personalized information with you anywhere you go.

Other Devices

5. Private browsing with Incognito

If you liked browsing in incognito mode on the desktop version, then you’d be glad to know that this feature is included in the mobile version as well. Surf the Web on your iOS devices without leaving behind cookies, history or any other data while going incognito.

incognito tabs

6. Voice search

Google Chrome has a built-in voice search which is of great convenience to users with disabilities or for individuals who have their hands full (cooking in the kitchen or when asking for directions while driving). Click on the microphone icon at the right side of the omnibar and ask away, rather than tap through the letters.

voice search

7. Most visited websites on new tab

By default, a new tab loads up thumbnail versions of your most visited websites. It’s a "speed dial" feature to let you quickly jump to your most-visited websites from the get-go.

Most Visited

8. Better keyboard

Google Chrome’s keyboard provides quick access to several important keys when the omnibox is in use, to aid in typing the full url out faster.

better keyboard

9. Ability to save passwords

Google Chrome has an option to remember passwords for the sites you login. If you activate Google Chrome "Save Passwords" feature, you’ll get a prompt every time you sign in to a new website. Once Chrome saves your sign-in credentials, it will automatically complete the sign-in fields for you when you arrive at the website login page.

save password

10. Ability to clear your browser data right within the app

In Google Chrome, you can easily clear your browsing history, cache, cookies, and saved passwords right within the browser via ‘Settings’.

clear browsing data


Despite being slower and not as smooth to use on iDevices as compared to Safari, with a foot through the door by its entry to the App Store, Chrome is well on its way to being the browser to beat. Sure the App Store version performed at less-than-optimum conditions — speed is still fundamental to a browser’s success — but apart from that users are treated to more intuitive and helpful features that you can’t find on Apple’s native browser.

Did you like using Chrome on your iPad or iPhone? Have you converted or are you adamant that Safari is the only way to go with the iOS? Share your thoughts.