BuhoCleaner Mac Cleaning App Review: Features and Prices

Like all other operating systems, macOS users must also keep a good system-cleaning app installed. A reliable system cleaning app ensures your Mac provides optimal performance and doesn’t run out of storage space.

If you are looking for one reliable and efficient cleaning app for your Mac, a quick Google search will lead you to apps like CCleaner, CleanMyMac, OnyX, and a few others.

But there’s a new app in town called BuhoCleaner that also works fairly well.

What a Good Mac Cleaner Requires?

Before we get into the comparison of the two apps mentioned above, I would like to highlight the things you should consider before downloading one.

A good Mac cleaning app should be able to do the following:

  • Scan and detect old and space-hogging files and delete them from your computer.
  • Allows users to uninstall or delete apps that they are no longer using.
  • Manage startup items so your Mac boots faster.
  • Delete sensitive files securely and permanently so as not to leave any traces anywhere on your system.

Essential Features of BuhoCleaner

1. One-click File System optimizing
one-click optimize
Screenshot: "Flash Clean" in BuhoCleaner.

When you click on the “Scan” button, it runs a thorough scan of the files system and proceeds to clean up junk files and free up disk space on your Mac.

It scans into areas like the user and system caches, user log files, and trash bins to look for junk files.

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2. Uninstall Mac Apps With Ease
uninstall mac apps
Screenshot: "App Uninstall" in BuhoCleaner.

This feature allows users to uninstall the apps that are least or no longer used easily.

It lists all the apps installed on your Mac and allows you to uninstall any unwanted app. Uninstalling apps in bulk is also supported.

It also show you the Leftover apps and let you delete them for good.

Leftover apps consist of remnants left behind in the system due to premature uninstalling of apps, i.e., by moving the app directly into the trash bin.

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3. Scan, Detect, Delete Large Files
delete large files
Screenshot: get images"Large Files" in BuhoCleaner.

This feature scans, lists, and lets you delete large files hidden in your file system.

It shows you all files with large file sizes, sorting them by file size, last accessed/opened, and kind (document, image, video, project, archives, etc.).

You can then easily bulk-delete the files that you want. It also allows you to examine any specific file in its folder in Finder.

4. Inspect Mac Startup Items
inspect Mac items

Startup items, also known as login items, are apps that load automatically during system startup or when you log in to your system.

The more startup items you have, the slower Mac will be at startup. Hence, you should keep startup items at a minimum if you want the Mac to start up faster.

BuhoCleaner startup items

What BuhoCleaner will show you:

  1. User login items – Apps automatically open when you log in to your Mac.
  2. Startup services – Services that run in the background when you log in to your Mac.

More Features:

1. Disk Space Analyzing

This feature visualizes your disk space usage and allows you to find and delete files that are hogging up most of the space.

(Toolkit > Disk Space Analyzer)

BuhoCleaner disk scan
2. File Shredding

The File Shredding feature permanently and securely deletes sensitive files you no longer need from your computer.

(Toolkit > Shredder)

BuhoCleaner shredder
3. Free Up RAM

Lack of RAM causes the performance of your Mac and its apps to slow down. This feature frees up RAM so your Mac runs smoother.

(Toolkit > Free Up RAM)

BuhoCleaner free RAM
4. Re-index Spotlight

This tool rebuilds your Mac’s Spotlight index, so searching via Spotlight can be much quicker and more accurate.

(Toolkit > Reindex Spotlight)

BuhoCleaner reindex Spotlight
5. Flush DNS Cache

If you are suddenly unable to load certain websites while the Internet seems to be working, that’s probably an issue with the DNS cache on your Mac. This tool allows you to flush/reset it.

(Toolkit > Flush DNS Cache)

BuhoCleaner flush DNS

How Much The App Cost?

Buhocleaner is free to download, install and use. But like any other good Mac app, it does come with a price tag if you want to make use of all its useful features.

To download BuhoCleaner, visit this page.

  • Free 30-day trial (Deletes 3GB of junks for free)
  • Single Plan – $19.99 for 1 Mac/life
  • Family Plan – $29.99 for 3 Macs/life
  • Business Plan – $49.99 for 10 Macs/life