15 Android and iOS Bluetooth Games to Try – Best of

There are hundreds of online multiplayer games where you play with strangers, but when you want to play such a game with family or friends, then your best choice would be Bluetooth games. With Bluetooth based games you can connect with your friend’s phone to play against each other or join an alliance in real-time.

If you are ready to earn some bragging rights, then check out these 15 best Android and iOS games that you can play with your friends over Bluetooth.

Warlings: Armageddon

A crazy game with a pure display of firepower where you blast your opponents with some sick weapons, including lasers, missiles, chainsaws, machine guns and more. You get to create a fully customizable set of troops that you can use to fight against your opponent over Bluetooth. I really loved how they combined the cute with utter destruction factor.

Download : Android

warlings armageddon

Virtual Table Tennis

If you are a fan of table tennis, then you’ll surely love this 3D physics-based virtual table tennis game. It offers visual controls to adjust your smashes and do some crazy tricks to outsmart your opponent. Although it is mostly about winning the tournament, you can also play it with your friends over Bluetooth or local WiFi.

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virtual table tennis

Racers Vs Cops

Racer Vs Cops lets you become both cop or a racer and compete with your friends where one of you will be the cop and another one will be the racer. As a cop, you’ll have to damage the racer’s car and destroy it, and as a racer, you’ll need to finish before being destroyed.

The cars collection is quite good as well, and there is a fare amount of customization options and upgrades. Although, I didn’t find any options of nitrous or similar boost that I usually crave for in racing games.

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racer vs cops

Carrom 3D

Carrom is one of the retro games we used to play as a kid and this is the virtual copy of it. The game uses accurate physics to offer the best gaming experience of a real carrom board. Although it uses pull and leave mechanism instead of striking with the finger like in the real carrom board.

The game can be played against a computer with different difficulty levels or you can connect with your friend over Bluetooth or WiFi to play in real-time.

Download: Android

carrom 3d

Standoff Multiplayer

It’s a counter-terrorism FPS game that puts you into intense battle with players from all around the world. Apart from basic online multiplayer support, Standoff also lets you play with your friends over Bluetooth or local WiFi.

You get to choose your roles, such as sniper or storm trooper and you’ll get customized weapons for your specific role. You can then destroy your opponent in your own preferred style.

Download: Android | iOS

standoff multiplayer


A very simple game with a concept similar to Atari breakout but is upgraded with different modes. You and your friend will have to sit in the front facing each other and send the ball (bullet as the game says) from one screen to the other. You will either have to save your base bar from the bullets sent from your friend’s phone or deflecting the ball.

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As the name suggests, in BombSquad you will use different types of bombs to bombard your opponents to oblivion. There are fun characters like ninjas, pirates, robots and crazy barbarians that you can unlock. And there are amazing maps with their own perks that can benefit you or get you blasted.

You can connect over Bluetooth or local wifi to go crazy with your friends. I am sure you’ll really like the game’s smooth controls, and fun ways to attack and defend. The best part is that up to 8 friends can play the game at the same time for some insane bombing.

Download: Android


Sea Battle 2

It’s the typical battleship game that we loved for decades that has been beefed up with tons of new tools and a user base of over 10 million people. The game’s notepad style graphics along with fun animations really attracted me and invoked the old paper game in a unique way.

You can use mines, radars, plane attacks and many other tools to create your strategy and sink your opponent’s ships. You can play with your friend over Bluetooth or even on the same phone using turns.

Download: Android | iOS

sea battle 2

Mighty Fighter 2

Insane is the only word I can say for this game. There isn’t much to say about graphics, but the gameplay is hilarious. It is basically a parody of popular characters, such as spiderman, Mario or Vegeta, where they brawl with amazing powers and super moves.

You can play with your friend over Bluetooth in a 1 vs. 1 battle or in a complete chaos of dozens of characters fighting on the same battlefield.

Download: Android

mighty fighter 2

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

A video game based on the Real Steel movie. In this game, you get to do intense robot battles with amazing movies and super powers. The game has many popular robots from the movie, including Zeus, Atom, Twin Cities, and more. The graphics are also quite good with jaw-dropping visuals.

You can both play online and rank in tournaments, or play with your friends over local WiFi or Bluetooth. Robots can be upgraded and customized to your liking, including the feature to paint them yourself.

Download: Android | iOS

reel steel world robot


Another FPS in this list, Respawnables come with a unique touch of humor and fun (and manly) characters. It’s a fast-paced game with short matches that bring utter destruction on the battlefield. There are dozens of items and weapons to choose from and you can customize the look of both the characters and the weapons.

As the name suggests, you quickly respawn after dying and it’s all about who kills the most. You will never get bored while playing this fast paced game.

Download: Android


RPS Lizard Spock

This is a latest version of rock, paper, and scissor game that has been picked from the popular TV show The Big Bang Theory. It follows the same principle of the original title with the addition of Lizard and Spock. You can play the game over Bluetooth, WiFi and even on the same phone using turns.

Download: Android

rps lizard spock

Virtua Tennis™ Challenge

Another virtual tennis game in the list, Virtua Tennis offers physics-based controls with an extensive set of gestures to make that amazing shot. There are over 50 characters to unlock who have their own strengths and weaknesses. And you can play single or double matches on different surfaces, such as clay, grass or an indoor court.

You can challenge your friends over Bluetooth and beat them using your own customized character.

Download: Android | iOS

virtua tennis challenge


A unique multiplayer game where you need to fix your spaceship’s control panel by following the instructions provided in a very limited time. However, there is a tiny catch; the instructions are provided to your friend on his phone! Yes, your friend will have to shout out the instructions to you and you need to act quickly to fix the control panel.

As the name suggests, you need to act as a team, as both instructions and the control panel has a very limited timer. I’ll say this game is a great way to exercise teamwork.

Download: Android | iOS


Sonic 4 Episode II

A sequel of the famous Sonic game where you get to ally with Sonic’s trusted friend Tails. There are fun 3D and 2D based levels where both Sonic and Tails rush for the victory and destroy bone crushing bosses.

You can connect with your friend via Bluetooth and both of you will get one of the available characters, Sonic or Tails. Afterward, you both will have to clear the levels together and help each other.

Download: Android | iOS

sonic episode 4

Game on!

So these were some of the best game titles that you can play over Bluetooth with your friends. If you face Bluetooth connection problem in any of these games, then try connecting via Bluetooth first and then launch the game.

I personally liked Real Steel World Robot Boxing, Mighty Fighter 2, and Respawnables. Which one of these games do you like?