Beautiful Shots of X-Ray Photography

We tend to think of photography as the capturing of the scene we see right in front of us, be it a breathtaking skyline shot or the portrait shot of a person. Do you ever wonder about the beauty that is below the surface, the kind we don’t see with the naked eye? And no, I’m not referring to the abstract kind. Many photographers now turn to X-ray imaging to take shots of the internal beauty of people, nature, and inanimate objects. Watch how they strip the subject down to its bare necessities to give you a part-eerie, part-awe-inspiring look into beauty that isn’t only skin deep.

Still think X-rays should be used only for medical purposes and not as a work of art? We have 50 amazing examples of X-ray art to make you change your mind.

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Alarm Clock (Image Credit: Chillipeppers4u2)

Laptop (Image Credit: Chillipeppers4u2)

MP3 Player (Image Credit: Nick Veasey)

Androids (Image Credit: Nick Veasey)

Shell (Image Credit: Nick Veasey)

X-ray Flowers 2 (Image Credit: Hugh Turvey)

Motorbike (Image Credit: Hugh Turvey)

Camera (Image Credit: David Arky)

Sofa (Image Credit: David Arky)

Fade to Black (Image Credit: Noel)

MacBook (Image Credit: Jason De Villa)

Power Drill (Image Credit: Drupal)

Predator (Image Credit: Michael Scott)

Nokia Phone (Image Credit: Pippa-hynelin)

Aircraft (Image Credit: Riddlez46)

Lily Flower (Image Credit: Robert Coop)

Lily & Bud (Image Credit: Robert Coop)

iPhone 3GS (Image Credit: Xuae)

Corn (Image Credit: Annah Aguinaga)

Recorder (Image Credit: Max Esteban)

Typewriter (Image Credit: Max Esteban)

Film Projector (Image Credit: Max Esteban)

Leaves (Image Credit: Albert Koetsier)

Starfishes (Image Credit: Albert Koetsier)

Seashell (Image Credit: Albert Koetsier)

And there you have it. Tell us in the comments what would you take an X-ray image of if you got the chance.