Beautiful Annual Report Designs

The usual company annual report is a word-filled extravaganza of jargon, terms, figures and text. If beautiful report designs were the norm, maybe more people would actually read them. We are used to seeing pages after pages of annual reports printed in black and white on unassuming pages. Totally predictable; absolutely boring.

Come on people! There are a lot of ways to turn a super-mundane report into one people actually want to flip through. And you can do this with the right dose of creativity.

Here we’re going to share with you 20 annual report designs which will make your imagination run wild. These annual reports use bold colors, creative typography and vivid sheets and diagrams to showcase the data.

1. Wandisco Annual Report 2014

IMAGE: Warren Harper

2. KEOLIS Group 2011 Annual Report

IMAGE: Creamcrackers

3. Nuru International Annual Report

IMAGE: Gabriel Schut

4. Annual Report 2014

IMAGE: Jessica Nylin

5. 2-in-1 Annual Report & Presenter

IMAGE: Dima Tsapko | Tough Slate Design

6. Prometey Bank Annual Report 2012

IMAGE: Backbone Branding, Multiple Owners

7. Museum Boijmans annual report

IMAGE: Vicente Granger

8. SAQ Annual Report

IMAGE: Nicolas Raymond

9. Studio Proposal


10. “Rosneft” Annual Report 2011

IMAGE: Viktor Miller-Gausa

11. FedEx Annual Report 2013

IMAGE: Jayce Tay

12. 2014 Compensation Report

IMAGE: Jose Ramirez

13. Barbara Jordan Institute Annual Report 2015

IMAGE: William Leung

14. Annual Report

IMAGE: Daša Hrvacki

15. The Tipping Point: Annual Report

IMAGE: Nick D’Amico

16. Council of the Baltic Sea States Annual Report

IMAGE: mill studio

17. Vrijwilligersacademie Amsterdam Annual Report

IMAGE: Cary Da Costa

18. Annual Report

IMAGE: Minhye Kim

19. Dal Nido Alla Scuola

IMAGE: Laurie Elie

20. Alarga 2013

IMAGE: Awchat & Olsen Design