9 WordPress Plugins That Use Artificial Intelligence

In the last year the biggest minds of the globe like Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates began to publicly worry about artificial intelligence (AI) that is slowly entering our everyday lives. Other tech leaders like Google’s Eric Schmidt claim that AI is not something we need to necessarily be afraid of.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for a software to learn from experience, and make decisions based on its acquired knowledge. This feature results in an enhanced usability, as the AI algorithm observes the behaviour of individual users and with time adapts to their unique needs.

There are many of these smart WordPress plugins that utilize AI as their core function. As you use them, these plugins learn from your behaviors and decisions, and as a result become smarter and more resourceful. In this post we will be looking at 9 WordPress plugins that use AI to help you.

1. Aimojo

Aimojo is the redesigned version of the authors’ previous plugin called Affinitomics. Aimojo introduces new taxonomies that increase the contextual value of your content. Why would you want to do that? Because it improves search results, makes link lists and menus contextual and dynamic, therefore the usability and the conversion rate will increase on your site.

Aimojo - Convert Taxonomies

The taxonomies are self-organizing, and can learn from experience. There are three types:

  • Descriptors for neutral relationships (similar to tags)
  • Draws for positive relationships
  • Distances for negative relationships

The Aimojo team has also developed an additional plugin that helps you convert your existing tags and categories into intelligent taxonomies.

2. MyCurator

MyCurator is a content curation tool that enables bloggers to quickly discover interesting content customized to the needs of their own niche market. MyCurator’s AI relevance engine makes it possible to weed out most of the irrelevant items that you would normally find in RSS feeds or Google Alert notifications. You can also train this plugin by upvoting or downvoting the posts it found.

MyCurator - Training Posts

If you teach it the algorithm, it will find more and more relevant content with time. You can set MyCurator to automatically perform the content curation every day at a specific time, and it also has two handy bookmarklets that enables you to manually save content you found while browsing the Web.

3. Kindred Posts

The Kindred Posts plugin lets you place a widget on your sidebar, recommending relevant content to your visitors. Kindred Posts uses artificial intelligence to gain knowledge about the behaviour of the users and suggests content based on their interests. Your recommendations become more targeted and relevant as more visitors navigate through your site.

Kindred Posts - Widget

You also have the opportunity to integrate the widget with your web analytics tracking code. This way you can easily know which recommendations were clicked on the most. Kindred Posts works out of the box. You can revise the basic options of the plugin under Settings > Kindred Posts in your WP Dashboard, then easily drag and drop the widget to wherever you want on your site.

4. Jetpack

Jetpack dipped its foot into the world of artificial intelligence by integrating the After The Deadline contextual spell checker in 2013. After The Deadline uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to find writing errors and offer smart suggestions.

Jetpack - After The Deadline

The intelligent spell checker can be found in the Spelling and Grammar feature of the Jetpack plugin and it doesn’t only check spelling but also detects misused words, checks styles by using context and thousands of rules, finds cliches and bias-language, and even explain your errors. You can tell the type of the error by its colour. Misused words and spelling errors are marked in red, grammar mistakes in green, and style suggestions in blue.

5. Live Chat + Chatbot

The Live Chat + Chatbot plugin offers a customer support and online chat service which enables you to handle an unlimited number of customers, 24/7 day and night. The intelligent chatbot observes your conversations as you communicate with your customers – and it learns from the experience.

Live Chat + Chatbot

The plugin automatically builds your knowledgebase, and acts on its own by delivering the most relevant answers to the customers. In the background a natural language processing engine connects questions with relevant keywords, and automatically generates your Question & Answers sets. You can switch between live and robot customer service agents with one click.

6. Did You Mean

Did You Mean helps you manage your 404 pages in an intelligent way that makes “Not Found” error pages more user-friendly. Did You Mean works out of the box, it doesn’t have any admin settings.

It offers a conditional sidebar widget that is only displayed on 404 pages, and offers the post that is contextually the closest to the one the user typed in the URL bar. It also makes your search bar more user friendly by offering recommendations to the users while they are typing their search queries.

7. WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration

The WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration plugin makes it possible to integrate the Darwin Pricing dynamic pricing software into your WooCommerce e-commerce site. Darwin Pricing allows you to run geo-targeted sales campaigns by using real-time competition monitoring, dynamic split testing and artificial intelligence.

Darwin Pricing Integration

At first the software gathers price sensitivity data about your competition, then it utilizes statistical analysis and AI algorithms to find out the optimal discount in every location. The plugin allows you to offer these discounts to your customers as geo-targeted coupons. Darwin Pricing also runs a machine learning engine that gains knowledge about your market and with time it provides you hints towards business development opportunities.

8. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

The Quttera Web Malware Scanner plugin can be a great help if Google backlisted your site. It makes it easy to find out why you got blacklisted. The plugin runs a malware scan for malware, trojans, backdoors, viruses, spywares, code injections, and many other kinds of threats.

Quttera Web Scanning Results

Quttera Web Malware Scanner uses cloud technology along with an artificial intelligence scan engine, and returns a detailed investigation report. The investigation engine utilizes a self-learning mechanism that improves the ratio of detected malware. Thanks to this capability Quttera can recognize not only find threats that are already known but also completely new ones.

9. The Client Relations Factory

This plugin integrates WordPress with The Client Relations Factory virtual robot platform. The Client Relations Factory allows you to publish a virtual customer service robot on your site. It doesn’t only provide you with a chatbox but also an animated character that can interact with your customers in an autonomous way.

The Client Relations Factory

The virtual robot can provide information to your clients, can identify their needs, can give them support, and therefore engages them in a unique way. You can customize your virtual robot to your needs, and manually update the knowledge it gained during the conversations. Use this plugin if you want to have interesting and fun Contact Us pages and FAQ pages on your site.

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