Photo Gallery and Slideshow WordPress Plugins

For any portfolio or image-oriented website running on WordPress, it is imperative to have a photo gallery and slideshow plugin. They allow you to showcase your images and video content and add different features.

If you’re confused about so many choices in the market, we took out some of the best photo gallery and slideshow plugins for WordPress. Each plugin comes with a different set of features and attributes and you can learn about them in the following.

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One of the most used slider plugins, MetaSlider, supports different types of slideshows like Flex Slider 2, Nivo Slider, Responsive Slides, and Coin Slider. Few of its exceptional features are drag-and-drop slide rearrangement, full-width support, and multiple slideshow configuration options.

Slider by 10Web

Slider by WD supports displaying images as well as videos from YouTube and Vimeo along with transition effects and layer support. Moreover, it offers image watermarking support, full-width sliders, and various customization options. However, video support is available only in the premium version.

Genesis Responsive Slider

As its name suggests, Genesis Responsive Slider allows you to choose specific posts, pages, or categories and shows them in maximum possible dimension, thanks to its responsive nature. Additionally, it includes previous and next arrow buttons, but it only works with child themes of Genesis.

WP Photo Album Plus

This slider plugin is excellent multimedia management and display system that supports managing photo albums. It can show images in slideshows using its lightbox tool. What I liked more is its customizability options – almost every feature is customizable, and it even avails 20 widgets.

Opinion Stage

This plugin lets you add a highly customizable slideshow on your website to showcase products or featured posts or create tutorials. Its slideshows allows adding text, images, and videos as well, like videos from YouTube.

Serious Slider

An SEO-friendly, translation-ready image slider which allows creating unlimited slides with texts, links, and buttons. It includes more than seven color styles and transition effects as well as a widget to show sliders in the sidebar.

Testimonial Slider

A unique slider that displays the feedbacks and testimonials submitted by your customers with their avatar, name, and company details. It offers five skins, multiple effects, and support for category-specific testimonial sliders.

Image horizontal reel scroll slideshow

This simple slider plugin allows showcasing images along with hyperlinks. It lets the scrolling begin automatically and pause on mouse hover. Also, it supports translations and even offers many customization options.

WonderPlugin Slider Lite

WonderPlugin Slider Lite can create image and video sliders with support for YouTube, Vimeo, and mp3/mp4 videos. Like the above-given plugins, it supports various transition effects and offers a widget as well.

2J Slideshow

2J Slideshow comes with a classic yet stylish design including numerous transition effects. You can add bulk images to a slider and add it to any post. Moreover, it offers a full-screen mode, which is missing in few others.

Slideshow CK

Slideshow CK allows creating unlimited sliders and comes with an ergonomic drag-and-drop interface. You can add images and videos along with captions. Also, the slider can be loaded using its shortcode and widget.

Google Photos Gallery with Shortcodes

Google Photos Gallery is built on Google Picasa API, and it displays photo albums from your Google Photos library. The slides can be shown in grid view, list view, or carousel view along with the images’ titles and captions.

Superb Slideshow

A slider that offers fading effects, Superb Slideshow lets you optionally hyperlink the slides or add descriptions. What I find unique is that the slider saves the last played slide and resumes from that slide even if the page is refreshed.

Responsive Flickr Slideshow

As the name suggests, this responsive slider plugin allows embedding photo albums from Flickr on your website. It avails shortcodes to help you place the slideshow in any post or page, but you can show just images, unlike few others.

Crelly Slider

Another good WordPress slider plugin with browser compatibility stretching way back to IE8. The plugin comes with a great deal of options that enable us to customize the slide in detail such as slide transition, position, color, images, the slide control and etc.

Crelly Slide Cover
Soliloquy Lite

This plugin runs a smart slider, loading the CSS and JS only when the slide is displayed within the post. Your posts and pages will load faster with this plugin compared to the other plugins mentioned here. The slider is responsive, touch-enabled, and built with SEO in mind.

Soliloquy Lite Cover
HG Slider

This plugin utilizes the Flexslider library to power up the slider. The slider supports touch gestures to navigate the slider, infinite cycle, and you can opt for CSS Transition for better performance. It comes with shortcodes and template tags with an array of configurable arguments to customize the slider output.

HG Slider
NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery is one of the most popular WordPress gallery plugins around. It allows batch uploading and management of image galleries, slideshow and thumbnail style galleries, editing of thumbnails. It also allows one to turn group galleries into albums and various other features that can really give a striking look to one ‘s website.

NextGEN Gallery
Easy Media Gallery

Easy Media Gallery is a plugin which provides an easy way to display grid galleries, photo albums, galleries with pagination and Google Maps and Google Street View as well. You can also embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites. This allows for more interactivity on your site and gives a better experience too.

Easy Media Gallery
Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is a responsive WordPress plugin equipped with different tools and options for adding image galleries as well as editing images. It offers the management of unlimited photos, support for many image formats. It also has support for adding YouTube and Vimeo Videos within galleries and comes with audio playback for image slide shows.

Photo Gallery

Gallery is an easy to use WordPress plugin that gives you a simple way to create galleries of high quality images. You can add descriptions for each gallery, choose how you ‘d like to display all the galleries and so on. There is a premium version of Gallery as well which is loaded with a bundle of more advanced features, if you ‘re interested.

Grand Flagallery

Grand Flagallery is a powerful and user friendly photo gallery plugin which comes with some amazing 3D gallery skins. It not only displays well on desktop systems but also works impeccably in full-screen mode of mobile phones. Specifically for desktop browsers, the background music along with the image slide show can deliver a really pleasant effect to visitors of the website.

Grand Flagallery
Simple Photo Gallery

Simple Photo Gallery works just as the name suggests. A couple of this plugins important features include easy gallery creation, the ability to watermark images, galleries done in masonry style, the offer of various thumbnail templates as well as plenty of other features to choose from. Definitely a handy plugin to have.

Simple Photo Gallery
Gallery Bank

Gallery Bank is a responsive WordPress plugin. It helps in the creation of stylish and beautiful image galleries, list albums, grid albums, thumbnail layouts and various other functions and special effects to elevate your WordPress site. The pro version of WP Gallery Bank is equipped with more than 200 features to give an eye-catching look to your website.

Gallery Bank
Social Photo Fetcher

Social Photo Fetcher is a handy WordPress plugin to create photo galleries from a facebook album automatically. Some of its noteworthy features are simple PHP template functions, fully customizable galleries and a built-in light box. You also don ‘t require a database table to give a stylish look to your website with this plugin.

Social Photo Fetche