9 WordPress Plugins To Do More With Your Fonts

There are many elements in web design that require your full attention. Typography is one major element although we usually don’t place its importance high up the priority list. However, use the wrong type face or fonts that are too small and you will leave a bad impression amongst your readers.

On that thought, I have put together 9 WordPress plugins that can help you do more with your fonts, such as change their color, size, appearance. On top of that, these plugins also help you better manage, highlight and display fonts on your site, make instant pull quotes and tweets, disable auto-formatting on the backend and more.

1. Use Any Font

With this plugin you can literally use any font you have (in TTF, OTF, EOT, WOFF, SVG, dfont formats) so you don’t have to depend on font embed services that usually come with a limited number of fonts. Just upload the font to your WordPress and use it.

2. Font-resizer

The font-resizer will give your visitors the option to resize font sizes on any page of your website. It uses jQuery to save the setting in a cookie which means that the font size will be the same when this particular visitor comes back to visit your site.

3. Typekit for WordPress

This plugin gives you an ability to integrate the Typekit font service into your site in no time. Just pick a font from hundreds available on Typekit and use it on your site with proper licence and access.

4. Google Typography

There are several hundreds of Google Fonts you can put to good use via this Google Typography. And you don’t even have to write a single line of code to utilize this. Just add then customize the fonts you want to use in the Appearance > Typography settings page, then apply it with an HTML tag or via CSS selector.

5. Font Squirrel (unofficial)

Font Squirrel is one of the best resources to get free high-quality fonts for commercial and personal use. This plugin allows you to choose any font from the site, download it and use on your site with ease.

6. Simple Pull Quote

Pull quotes help break down hefty textual offerings, so that readers don’t engage in the TL;DR mode and totally skip your whole post. Simple Pull Quote allows you to insert pull quotes into your blog posts fast and easy – basically just click the pullquote button. You can also change the fonts, colors and backgrounds of each pull quote in your theme’s CSS file.

7. Initial Letter

Besides the tabbed spacing to initiate a new paragraph, you can apply a larger font to the first letter of the first paragraph for each of your post. Initially used in larger books (heavyduty reading) and newspapers, you can now apply this to your online magazine with this plugin.

8. Styles

The Styles plugin lets you attai higher customization on literally everything that can possibly be typographically customized on your site. You can change fonts, colors, and sizes to enhance the typography of your WordPress site.

9. PS Disable Auto Formatting

If you don’t like the automatic formatting in WordPress, get this plugin. It stops the automatic formatting and the HTML tag removal in the HTML mode of WordPress and generates a natural paragraph and changing line. In short, it helps you modify the html source generated by the visual editor.

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