Apple Launches Program to Fix iPhone 6 Plus’s Touch Disease

If you’re an iPhone 6 Plus owner, you may have come across the iPhone 6 Plus touchscreen problem. The touchscreen problem aka the "Touch Disease" occurs after one too many drops of the phone, resulting in an unresponsive touchscreen with a grey line visible at the top of the display.

The main cause of the "Touch Disease" is due to a lack of underfill between the iPhone’s touch ID and the solder joints. This makes the phone more flexible, but also more susceptible to impact.

While Apple is not quite ready to take full responsibility for this problem, it has set up the Multi-Touch Repair Program to handle the problem.

Bring the problematic iPhones to either an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider, and should the iPhone 6 Plus itself be in good condition, Apple will be able to repair the phone for a service price of USD149.

For those who have already repaired their phones earlier, Apple will readily reimburse the difference in service fee.