40+ Mind-Blowing Photorealistic Paintings

Have you ever seen paintings that are so real and precise that you thought they were photographs or think twice before you decide it is a painting? Photorealism has strive its way through many obstacles to justify its existence however critics sternly suggest that, there is no valid reason why photorealistic should be appreciated because it has no difference to the original photograph.

While the critics only recognize the technique and skills of photorealism painters, photorealism painters has got different point of view. For the painters, this genre of drawing display much more than photograph because they insert and touch up the subject with full discretion, creating a whole new piece of work with different impact compare to the original photographs. As per Bert Monroy "To me, it is not the destination that is important‚ it is the journey."

Today we have collected more than 40+ photorealistic paintings with more under Reference section. Full list after jump.

Wayne Forrest

Wayne is a photographer and artist. His work ethic comes from 21 years of Service in the Canadian Military. No messing around and getting the job done. He uses Adobe Illustrator to create his drawings which also known as vector graphics.

Dru Blair

Dru is an aviation airbrush artist who mostly paints realistic aircrafts. Painting below is one of Dru’s top paintings. It took him a total of 65-75 hours to complete the painting. Painting is very detailed and well made and it is almost impossible to tell that if its a real photograph.

Painting of Tica

Linda Huber

Linda has been drawing with pencil for over 40 years. She loves to draw in the style of realism and you can see that in her works are really impressive.

Rob Hefferan

Rob is talented figurative artist. Paintings below are painted by using oil colors. Rob’s every painting shows different emotions which is the style of his work.

Krzysztof Lukasiewicz

Krzysztof is very talented pencil artist from Poland.

Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz

Juan is a Spanish artist who draws reallistic portraits by using just a BIC pen. Juan also have some really cool paintings.

Halim Ghodbane

Jeremy Geddas

Lady Sham Inspects the Damage

Alyssa Monks


Dan Witz

A Few More…

Harry by Michael Gaskell

Tim II by David Eichenberg

Girl Looking Left with Tussin by Adam StennettGirl Looking Left with Tussin


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