22 Creative 4D Artworks That Invade Reality

No matter how professional we have become, we all had that childhood game (or dream) to have things we draw – be it a cute animal, a character, or a console we wish to have for Christmas – come to life. After all, that’s the time when we could exercise our imagination and express our expectations without any limitations. Some of us never let that phase pass, which is a good thing, because then the rest of us could watch these drawings come to life – with some help from graphic editors!

In this showcase, we are featuring 22 lively artworks that look like they belong to the physical world. Watch how creatures, tools and even the artist himself, make you question your ability to separate art from life. Enjoy them and draw inspiration from them to make your drawings alive afterward!

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King Kong. Made by Macacolandia, watch King Kong’s face as we threaten it with… a fountain pen. (Image Source: Macacolandia)

king kong

Fierce Dog. You can’t stop staring at how cool and creative this drawing is. (Image Source: Macacolandia)

fierce dog

Chef. Draw, or the crazy chef will cut off your hand! (Image Source: Macacolandia)


Bike. Greatly inspired by the works of Macacolandia, Javaraj Paul has his own style when it comes to creating the artwork and illusion that both rock. (Image Source: Ads of the World)


Can. Do my eyes deceive me? I saw a 2D can in 3D! (Image Source: Ads of the World)


Sword. A sword-yielding warrior spells adventure no matter how you call it! (Image Source: Ads of the World)


Drawn That Way. “I’m not a bad guy, I’m just drawn that way.” (Image Source: DrumRoll Studios)

drawn that way

Drawing Comes to Life. If you have a god, this is probably how you will look at him, with a dash of curiosity and bit of fear. (Image Source: D4Ybe)

drawing comes to life

Drawing Sam. He has some artwork done on his body and a body done on his artwork. (Image Source: Elliott.G.Montello)

drawing sam

Don’t Stop Me From Drawing. Told you to not draw the strong guy! Nice one, by the way. (Image Source: mezoomar)

don't stop me from drawing

Art Attack. It takes a bit more effort to get the idea, that’s why this piece, done by Fanboy30, is cool! (Image Source: Fanboy30)

art attack

Draw Your Dream Tonight. Incredible! And it’s not even photoshopped, salute to the deviant WhiteSpiritWolf. (Image Source: WhiteSpiritWolf)

draw your dream tonight

Dancer Sketch. Art? Reality? You can’t really differentiate them even if you know how to. (Image Source: zepaulo)

dancer sketch

Stargate Drawing Comes To Life. Besides the awesome composition, I must say the idea is really hilarious, don’t you think so? (Image Source: Scipio164)

stargate drawing comes to life

That Would So Happen. It will be great if the cute characters you draw come to life, the world will be a lot cuter! (Image Source: winter-ghost)

that would so happen

Neville Longbottom. “Neville Longbottom as a paper child! Hang him from your wall to keep the snakes away!” (Image Source: rockyownsmyheart)

neville longbottom

Colin Meloy. Hey, don’t look at me like that, you should not play while baby is crying. (Image Source: rockyownsmyheart)

colin meloy

John Dalton’s Gif. Who is the artist, and who belongs to reality? FredoART is the one who’s a professional at distorting reality. (Image Source: FredoART)

john dalton's gif


Undoubtedly technology has once again blurred the boundary between art and reality, which also leads to one conclusion: creativity can now be achieved in more ways than before!

I hope you enjoyed and have been inspired by this post! That being said, have you seen reality distorted in other pieces of artwork? If the answer is yes, share the link and let’s all get another dose of “drawception” fun!

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