30 Striking Lightning Photos

You know how they say lightning never strikes twice on the same place? Well, "they" lied. Lightning can strike the same spot or area many times – in fact there is a place in Venezuela, called the Lighthouse of Catatumbo, where lightning strikes 1.2 million times a year – because how else can you find such amazing photos of lightning strikes?

And find them, we did. In this collection, we are going to look at 30 perfectly timed photos of lightning strikes that will definitely shock you. These shots were captured because someone with a camera was at the right place at the right time.

1. Lightning Strikes New Zealand Air Flight

IMAGE: James47889

2. Lightning Strikes Thrice Over The Chicago Skyline

IMAGE: gingerma

3. Lightning Turns Night Into Day!

IMAGE: Reddit-or-forget-it

4. Lightning In Cape Town Covering Table Mountain

IMAGE: Warren Tyrer

5. Lightning Strikes the Empire State

IMAGE: Dan Nguyen

6. Lightning From a Volcanic Blast in Sakurajima

IMAGE: Martin Rietze

7. Lighting Wire Catches Lightning In The Act

IMAGE: sunkid

8. Striking The Eiffel Tower

IMAGE: corinmcblide

9. Rainbow Over The Lightning Storm, haikou, China

IMAGE: Goldmine44

10. Somewhere In The Caribbean.

IMAGE: Niccolò Ubalducci

11. Intra Cloud Lightning Up To Column

IMAGE: Mullagain

12. Lightning over South Jersey, Philadelphia

IMAGE: Kevin Burkett

13. Perfect Shot, Clearwater Beach, Florida

IMAGE: Olibra

14. Toronto Takes A Lighting To The Rod

IMAGE: Sam Javanrouh

15. Lightning Dance, Grand Canyon, Arizona

IMAGE: whatever_idc

16. Behind a Glass Window, West End, Washington

IMAGE: Ohad Ben-Yoseph

17. Early Morning Light Show, Omaha, Nebraska


18. at the foothills of Superstition Mountain, Arizona

IMAGE: Robert Quinn | National Geographic

19. Branching Hit, Ontario, Canada

IMAGE: Andrew Rivett

20. Up Close And Personal, Dallas, Texas

IMAGE: ptrckfrd

21. Chain Lightning, Leiden, Netherlands

IMAGE: Carolina Ödman

22. Tallest Strike, Burj Khalifa, Dubai

IMAGE: loki010

23. Reflected of a Lake, Canada

IMAGE: onlysame1

24. Over Ottawa Skyline, Canada

IMAGE: Andrew Knapp

25. Inside The Ashcloud, Sakurajima, Japan

IMAGE: Martin Rietze

26. From Dark to Light, Quebec, Canada

IMAGE: Jerome Olivier

27. Tornado and Ligtning Dance-Off, Secor, Illinois.


28. torrential Thunderstorm in Germany

IMAGE: Gunnar Grimnes

29. The Pillar of Light, Lake Goodwin, Washington

IMAGE: The Parasite

30. Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

IMAGE: imnotfromhere

Nature is both awesome and beautiful. Have a photo of a lightning you want to share? Post them in the comments below!