26 Advanced Digital Painting Tutorials to Elevate Your Art

With the advancement of tablet and computer technologies in recent years, the digital painting industry has entered its brightest era. Every bit of an artist’s idea can now be constructed in a way that allows for easy improvement or modification, saving time and assets that can be dedicated to better art. In short, digital painting is becoming more advanced and epic.

However, every journey towards epicness requires hard work and mastery. To help you improve your digital painting skills and achieve more freedom and epicness in your art, we have compiled a list of 26 extremely advanced digital painting tutorials. These tutorials will teach you the advanced ways of creating mind-blowing digital artworks, and it’s up to you to absorb these essences into your artistic veins and muscles!

Don’t let the chance to learn from professional artists slip through your fingers. Kick-start some tutorials and bring a renaissance to your artworks today!

Meanwhile, if you prefer to have more inspiration than tutorials, we offer a multitude of posts to enlighten your brain cells!

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Spanish Girl

The Spanish Girl is a “making-of” tutorial that features the conceptualizing process, brushes and texture selection process, and few detailed explanation on certain art tricks. A great tutorial for you to observe the tricks and thoughts from the professional artist, David Munoz Velazquez.

spanish girl


Learn to cultivate a detailed art with Chinese feeling with the implementation of digital painting software, and Chinese culture as well.


Painting Perfect Skin

It’s a truth that painting skin is one of the hardest tasks possible to the photorealistic painter, but this tutorial by ImagineFX will aid you to seek the art of achieving perfect skin through painting.

painting perfect skin


Pandora is mythical, but the methods of achieving this artwork are more mythical. Fortunately, this is actually a tutorial that guides you to create this masterpiece.


My World

Forging something that didn’t exist in this world is challenging, and Kuang Hong will bring you through his process of inventing his “My World”.

my world

Kids Love Dentist

Everyone loves dentist, eh? I’m not too sure about that, but I’m sure every artist will love to actually learn something from this expressive masterpiece.

kids love dentist

Broken Link

The tutorial is nothing but an awe-inspiring guide that explains to you the thoughts and methods for spawning epic looking monsters in a fantasy environment.

broken link

A Heroic Male

My favorite part of this tutorial is probably its deep content, such as “The tricky part is all that ‘in between’ stuff. Trying to capture the correct mood is important, as is making sure the concept comes through the final piece”. A tutorial with wisdomful explanation that you just can’t miss.

a heroic male

Call of Cthulhu

Inspired by the short story Call of Cthulhu, Giorgio Grecu will lay out his thoughts on bringing his imagination of the story scene into reality. A must-learn for every artist who wishes to create a heart-pounding scene!

call of cthulhu


Now a tutorial that artistically challenges you to paint an epic dragon, you should accept the challenge since it provides you tips, and it’s totally worth it!


New Worlds

Besides the painting tutorial, this workshop is also going to be the one that Leong Wan Kok shares some of the techniques that he has picked up in 12 years working as a professional artist, with more focus on texture and color, so don’t miss this precious one!

new worlds

Night Rider

A simply awesome artworks done by Tervola! Best of all is he’s kind enough to give us a walkthrough of the artwork’s creation process.

night rider

Poseidon’s Wrath

Done with an interesting short story, Poseidon’s Wrath will show you the power of the sea with its immense beauty, and the essential tricks to achieve it.

poseidon's wrath

The Abstract Dragon

Dragon is a favorite subject of fantasy-styled digital painting, but creating a fresh and abstract one is always hard. With this tutorial Illustrator JS Rossbach will “show you how a popular fantasy theme can be viewed in an abstract way”.

the abstract dragon

Wrath of Medusa

“In this workshop, I’ll be designing my own take on the classical look of Medusa, with homage to the familiar past, but also an eye for contemporary pop culture and a new, fresh edge sprinkled in.”

wrath of medusa

Xing Tain

Get ready to create your own version of the epic Xing Tain, the brave mythical creature that fights against enemy even his head is cut.

xing tain

Mech Dragon Battle

Dragon Battle! An epic scene that you should learn to paint since it is needed in most epic fantasy games, and this tutorial is very special: it starts with an emulated splatter graphic!

mech dragon battle

Death Blow

Watch as the artist, Alon Chou demonstrates his skills to create a classic and dramatic Transformers scene filled with intense tension!

death blow


Discover this ultimately detailed tutorial on forging ultimately powerful Unicron with the use of 2D and 3D production tools, and you will be one step closer to creating your own terrific boss character!


King Kittan The Great

This masterpiece is not done in an easy way, but Teoh Wei Liat will uncover the how and why of doing it.

king kittan the great

The Two Mighty Kings

Two Mighty Kings is produced with the aggressive use of 3D tools, which also makes this tutorial an insightful article that discusses mainly the modelling, and application of shaders.

the two mighty kings

The Day We Left Earth

Get to illustrate this classic sci-fi scene with expressive feeling with the tutorial by Grzegorz Rutkowski. An awesome entry for exploring the standard sci-fi art.

the day we left earth

Aeternus Quiescere

It’s called Matte Painting, and Der-Reiko will explain to you the essential techniques and composition to create this grand scene.

aeternus quiescere

Futuristic City

Often Matte Painting is required for the game environment concept art, especially the futuristic game. But you don’t create it from scratch, and this inspiring tutorial will get you know the secrets behind the magic!

futuristic city

Post-Apocalyptic Matte Painting

Extremely detailed tutorial on using the real-life image and turn them into post-apocalyptic painting.

post-apocalyptic matte painting


In the end, one simply has to fail again and again in order to achieve the mastery that unlocks more freedom and possibilities to his art. But thanks to these aspiring artists, they make the way to mastery less bloody and essentially easier. Embrace their tutorials, and next time you might be one who creates these solid tutorials!

I hope you’ve found your future artistic direction in these tutorials, but if you’ve found it in tutorials that are not included in this compilation, be sure to let us know! Thank you!