Tribute to Transformers The Movie: 86 Inspiring Artworks

Back to the time when the Transformers movie was still in development, the design team was asked by director Michael Bay to produce some concept arts. They made some experiments which was later commented as old-school, thus they decided to bring a massive redesign to the Transformers, making them very, very cool robots.

That’s how the brand new design of Transformers was formed, and undoubtedly the redesign is too successful that it brought in massive numbers of brand new fans (including me). That is not the end of the story, the team has actually redesigned those appeared Transformers throughout the sequel to make sure they are even more attractive, and of course, epic.

As usual in Hongkiat, we don’t prove you something with just words. To help you get the awesomeness of Transformers’ design and the hard work put into it, we have lined up 86 totally awesome and inspiring concept arts, comic book cover arts and fan arts for you to enjoy Transformers in detail. Full list after jump!

Note: Introductions for Transformers below are mostly based on Wikipedia and Transformers Wiki, thanks for their extremely detailed info!

Concept Art

Ever seen unapproved version of Bumblebee, or want to take a close look to Megatron? This section includes approved and also some unapproved quality designs of Transformers, with introduction for each of them along the showcase.

Protoform. ‘This is the design for what would ultimately be called the Protoform which Autobots take as they enter Earth’s atmosphere, crash, and seek their vehicular form.’ (Image source: Ben Procter)


Protoform: Humanoid. Autobots’ humanoid form before they found their own vehicular form. (Image source: Ben Procter)

protoform humanoid

Optimus Prime Endoskeleton. Optimus Prime’s mechanical endoskeleton. It was made during the development of visual and engineering language of the robots’ extraterrestrial ‘Cybertron’ forms. (Image source: Ben Procter)

optimus prime endoskeleton

Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime is best known as the leader of the Autobots, a faction of heroic Transformers who battle with the evil forces named Decepticons since the time they are both in their own planet, Cybertron. (Image source: Ben Procter)

optimus prime

Optimus Prime Back View. Every Transformers’ design in the movie is the combined effort of professional design teams. Take Optimus Prime as example, his front design is honed by Victor Martinez while Ben Procter developed the back. His head was a tag team effort by Ryan Church and Paul Ozzimo, and then interpreted into 3D by Alex Jaeger and ILM modellers. (Image source: Ben Procter)

optimus prime back view

Optimus Prime Arm Gun Revision. Concept art means there are lots of revisions before the design is approved as final, here is one of the revision of Optimus Prime’s arm gun. (Image source: Ben Procter)

optimus prime arm gun revision

Jetfire Front View. As the elder of the Transformers, Jetfire is one of the few Transformers left since the beginning of humanity. He appears in the movie Revenge of the Fallen as a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. He is ‘Decepticons turned Autobots’ as he doesn’t support the destruction and violence idea of Decepticons. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

jetfire front view

Jetfire Back View. How can an old Transformers looks so cool even his back? Jetfire was combined with Optimus Prime in the movie Revenge of the Fallen to ultimately defeat the Megatron. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

jetfire back view

Optimus Prime Power Up. Jetfire + Optimus Prime = Almighty Jet Prime! Who cares if it’s cheating if we can beat Megatron! Sorry I was kidding, and this design is ultimately epic. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

optimus prime power up

Optimus Prime Power Up – Unapproved version. Another concept art for Optimus Prime’s power up version, pretty epic also! Which version do you prefer? (Image source: Concept Art World)

optimus prime power up unapproved version

Bumblebee. Bumblebee is one of the primary protagonist appeared since the first Transformers movie. He chose Chevrolet Camaro as his vehicular form, and he communicates though selected playback of radio and television signals, due to his voice injury. (Image source: Ben Procter)


Bumblebee – Unapproved Version. Unapproved version of Bumblebee, looks pretty cool but I believe most fans prefer the approved version. (Image source: Ben Procter)

bumblebee unapproved version

Bumblebee On Tow Truck. One of the coolest moments in the first Transformers movie, never stop battling unless you die, spirit of the Autobots! (Image source: Ben Procter)

bumblebee on tow truck

Ironhide. In Transformers movie, Ironhide appears as a custom GMC Topkick C4500 pickup truck. He’s described as Optimus Prime’s oldest friend and the weapon specialist of the Autobots’ team. (Image source: Ben Procter)


Sideswipe. Sideswipe is a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept in the movie, Revenge of the Fallen. Transformed version has two wheeled feet, and armed with 2 retractable Cybertanium arm blades on each of his wrists in robot mode, along with an extra gun on his back. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)


Sideswipe. Another design concept of Sideswipe, similar to Arcee I think. (Image source: Concept Art World)


Springer. Judging from the design, Springer should be originally designed to be appeared in the movie, but was dropped with unknown reason. However, his cool design is hardly ignored, thus making him produced as a toy available for fans. (Image source: Concept Art World)


Breakaway. Although the concept art’s title says Firestorm, this Autobots is widely recognized as Breakaway. Unlike other Aerialbots who focus more on aerial acrobatics, Breakaway put more power on straightforward flying with terrible speed, making him the elite flyer in Autobots. (Image source: Concept Art World)


Arcee v05. Arcee was planned to be casted in Trasformers movie but her appearance was finally replaced by Ironhide, with the rumor that the movie doesn’t have extra time to explain the gender of the Transformers. Her transformed design was based on the Buell Firebolt motorcycle, done by Ben Procter. She was also initially set to battle with Blackout in the film. (Image source: Ben Procter)

arcee v05

Ratchet. This is actually the unused version of Ratchet, that means you didn’t see Ratchet with this design in the first Transformer. Note that this design is pretty similar to common robot design, so it might be earlier experimental sketch for discovering spectacular Transformer’s design. (Image source: Ben Procter)


Model T. ‘The Ford Model T automobile is a Seeker, was dispatched thousands of years ago to Earth, adopted a Model T automobile as a disguise, and that’s about all we know.’ – Transformers Wiki (Image source: Concept Art World)

model t

Megatron Front View. Megatron is the leader of Decepticons, who is also the antagonist of the Transformers movie. He appears as a Cybertronian Jet in first movie then in second film, he gains an alternate flying tank mode. He was heavily redesigned during the sequel and his design has more focus on the alien aspect of Transformers, which made him looks very different with the Autobots who have more mechanical aspect on their design. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

megatron front view

Megatron Back View. By looking his back you can feel how much extreme hard work has been put into designing it. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

megatron back view

Megatron Vehicle Mode. The reason of why I stand on the Decepticons’ side, Megatron’s vehicle mode is just too kick-ass! (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

megatron vehicle mode

Megatron Vehicle Mode Rear View. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

megatron vehicle mode rear view

Megatron Flight Mode. Isn’t it kind of cheating? Love the design anyway, all hail Megatron! (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

megatron flight mode

Blackout. Don’t be fooled by the titles on the concept art, it’s absolutely the design of Blackout. Blackout transforms into a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low helicopter, and he is the largest Decepticons in the first Transformers movie with 2 arm-mounted gatling cannons, 2 energy cannons and has the ability to disrupt electronic devices via EMP blasts. (Image source: Ben Procter)


Blackout. Another design of Blackout but with the name, Devastator. Well the character actually went though couples of rename due to some issues, and he wins the ‘most name changes during development’ award. (Image source: Ben Procter)


Starscream. Starscream is a jet-shaped Decepticons who has some hatred against Megatron and seeks to be the ultimate leader of the Decepticons. His vehicular mode is always a jet, like Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor in the movie. He’s primarily armed with a missile launcher that carries 6 missiles in both arms, and a high caliber machine gun to backup the attack. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)


Brawl. Brawl appears in the first Transformers movie as a M1 Abrams tank. He is an offensive type with high strength, which enables him to pulls Autobots Jazz off with only one hand. He fought together with Megatron against Autobots and human, and was destroyed by the combined shot of Bumblebee and human forces. (Image source: Ben Procter)


Devastator. Different with most Decepticons, Devastator is actually combination of Constructicons, thus he has surprisingly huge body and physical strength, and an ability to create a powerful turbine that sucks everything in sight into the mouth for destruction. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)


Devastator – Unapproved Version. Another design for Devastator in the movie Revenge of the Fallen. Trivial: Devastator has less intelligence compared to other Decepticons, due to the fact that his every move and thought has to be agreed by combining Constructicons. (Image source: Concept Art World)

devastator unapproved version

Scavenger. It’s hard to differentiate between Demolishor and Scavenger, but according to Transformers Wiki, this gigantic Transformers is Scavenger. Scavenger stands around 86 feet tall to the top of his wheel, and he also forms the torso of Devastator with Overload. (Image source: Concept Art World)


Long Haul. Named Long Haul, this badass enjoys and thirsts for battle by using his projectile weaponry. According to the Transformes Wiki, there are actually 2 Long Haul in the movie, Revenge of the Fallen. The first Long Haul has combined with other Constructicons to form Devastator, while the other one fought against the NEST forces and was destroyed by United States Air Force’s air strike. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

long haul

Overload. This Decepticons is spotted when the Constructicons combine to form the torso of the gigantic Devastator. He’s about 30 feet tall, and seems never transforms into robot mode. (Image source: Concept Art World)


Mixmaster. As a weapon designer of Decepticons, Mixmaster is an expert in poisons, corrosive substances and explosives. Like Long Haul, there are 2 Mixmaster in the movie Revenge of the Fallen, one which forms the head of Devastator, the other fought NEST forces in Egypt and was sliced by ex-Decepticons Jetfire. (Image source: Concept Art World)


Ravage. Ravage was originally planned for the first Transformers film, but the movie team later decided to use the Scorponok. Similar to Scorponok, Ravage’s look is based on the life form in Earth, and it’s armed with twin heavy machine guns that either fires standard projectiles or Cybertronian ammunition. Other possible weapon will be its tail and razor edged claws. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)


Pretender ‘Alice’. Decepticons-transformed-human. Transformers’ decision to disguise as a machine rather than human is wise as machine can’t talk, so the chance of being discovered is probably lower. (Image source: Concept Art World)

pretender alice

Scalpel. Known as ‘The Doctor’ in the movie Revenge of the Fallen, Scalpel has great anatomical and mechanical knowledge, and excels in disassemble technological device and biological life forms. Sounds professional, the only disadvantage of him is, he always left some parts after performing the reassembly. (Image source: Concept Art World)


RC Truck Bot. Probably one of the weakest Decepticons with most dirty moves. His strongest point is perhaps the speed of changing his mind from being Decepticons to Autobots. (Image source: Concept Art World)

rc truck bot

The Twelve. A series of Decepticons which I’m not really sure about, but as their designs are similar to The Fallen, they must be some ancient Transformers that have something to do with The Fallen a.k.a final boss of the Decepticons. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

the twelve

Mountain Dew Bot. ‘Do the dew or I will eat your brain!’ (Image source: Ben Procter)

mountain dew bot

Microwave Bot. ‘The microwave bot is an evil Appliancebot who can conceal himself in the form of a microwave oven. He’s homicidal pretty much from birth (probably doesn’t come with Popper or Soupy) and that’s about all we know.’ – Transformers Wiki (Image source: Concept Art World)

microwave bot

Nokia Bot. Seriously I won’t mind my Nokia turning into an Autobots, provided that it will not boom my house. (Image source: Ben Procter)

nokia bot

Nuclear Sub. I’m seriously not sure about this Transformers, but according to my study most people guesses he’s Tidal Wave, but the look is far too different with his original design. (Image source: Concept Art World)

nuclear sub

Carrier Attack. Carrier Attack, one of the heart-pounding scenes in Transformers’ sequel, Revenge of the Fallen. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

carrier attack

Matrix Of Leadership. Also named as Creation Matrix, the Matrix is actually the Autobots talisman of legend, passed down from leader to leader. In the movie Revenge of the Fallen, it is used to activate the Sun Harvester hidden in Egypt and was protected by ancient Primes. (Image source: Concept Art World)

matrix of leadership

Comic Book Cover Art

Featured here are comic book cover arts done by Josh Nizzi and Dcjosh. Josh Nizzi was hired to do concept art for the Transformers’ sequel, Revenge of the Fallen, while Dcjosh is the artist who does the cover art for Transformers’ comic series. Without a doubt, their artworks are absolutely awesome.

Adaptation #1. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

adaptation 1

Adaptation #2. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

adaptation 2

Adaptation #3. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

adaptation 3

Adaptation #4. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

adaptation 4

Destiny: Alliance #1. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

destiny alliance 1

Destiny: Alliance #2. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

destiny alliance 2

Destiny: Alliance #3. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

destiny alliance 3

Destiny: Alliance #4. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

destiny alliance 4

Destiny: Defiance #2. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

destiny defiance 2

Destiny: Defiance #3. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

destiny defiance 3

Destiny: Defiance #4. (Image source: Josh Nizzi)

destiny defiance 4

Movie UK Reprint Cover. (Image source: dcjosh)

movie uk reprint cover

Movie UK Reprint Cover 1. (Image source: dcjosh)

movie uk reprint cover 1

Target Excl. TF Movie Prequel. (Image source: dcjosh)

target excl tf movie prequel

TF Movie Prequel no3. (Image source: dcjosh)

tf movie prequel no3

TF Movie Prequel 4. (Image source: dcjosh)

tf movie prequel 4

TF Reign of Starscream 3 cover. (Image source: dcjosh)

tf reign of starcream 3 cover

Fan Art

While I’m searching for Transformers’ fan art, I have a requirement in mind which the chosen artwork must be ‘something quality’. However, after some serious searches, I have changed the requirement to ‘something that can compare to original work’. These fan arts are just too cool and professional!

Armadillo. Armadillo actually did not exist in the Transformers movie, but his design possesses many characteristics from the Transformers’ design in the movie, thus causing many movie fans think that the artist should be hired to design Transformers for the film. (Image source: Jolin and JesterJJZ)


Autobot. This gorgeous fan art is also a tutorial that shares the progress of making Transformers, follow it to create your own Transformers! (Image source: Tamás Tóthfalussy)


Autobot Portraits. Probably one of the most epic portraits in the human’s history, could also be a good advertisement poster to persuade Transformers to join Autobots. (Image source: dylanliwanag)

Autobots portraits

Autobots Roll Out. Another cool portrait, note that they are in battle mode. (Image source: dylanliwanag)

Autobots roll out

Birds Of War. Best fan art that brings out the beauty and the fierceness of Starscream. (Image source: Jimmy Xu)

birds of war

Bumblebee. I love the color scheme used for this artwork, it’s seriously as professional as comic artist like Dcjosh’s work. (Image source: EspenG)


Bumblebee ROTF. Very detailed Bumblebee fan art, I call this professional. (Image source: dylanliwanag)

bumblebee rotf

Cosmos. Amazing fan art of Cosmos, the spaceship-sauced Autobots from Generation 1 series. (Image source: Jolin JesterJJZ)


Death Blow. I seriously can’t convince my eyes to believe that this is a fan art, until I saw the tutorial which the artist shares his thought on making this masterpiece. (Image source: Alon Chou)

death blow

Decepticons Portraits. 5 badass in 1 portrait = epic. (Image source: dylanliwanag)

Decepticons portraits

Giant Frikkin Robots Are Comin. Fan art from the comic artist Dcjosh, awesome as usual! (Image source: dcjosh)

giant frikkin robots are comin

Motormaster. Yet another heavily designed Transformers from Jester and Jolin, they did really well in designing Transformers. (Image source: Jolin JesterJJZ)


Movie Blackout. Looks exactly like a cartoon movie poster, uber cool! (Image source: dcjosh)

movie blackout

Optimus Prime. ‘No sacrifice, no victory!’ Very realistic 3D fan art with great detail in mind. (Image source: Kevin Bao)

optimus prime by kevin bao

ROTF Jet Convoy Charity. Almighty Jet Prime! The way the author draws has really brought out the powerful feel of the geared Optimus Prime. (Image source: dcjosh)

rotf jet convoy charity

Swindle. Concept art for Swindle, if you saw concept arts above you can feel that this piece is very similar to them, professional production! (Image source: Elder-Of-The-Earth)


Trailbreaker. Looks very promising, Jester and Jolin’s strength lies in designing Transformers that looks powerful. (Image source: Jolin JesterJJZ)


Transfomers. The heart-pounding scene in the first Transformers movie, captured into this sensational fan art. (Image source: Wanbao)


Transformers Fan Art. Engaging fan art with random Autobots vs random Decepticons, and both do not really exist in Transformers’ universe. Concepting Transformers is not really easy, but Genesisa has done it very well. (Image source: genesisa)

Transformers fan art

Transformers Screenwriters. A funny yet cool poster produced by Jester and Jolin, I thought the Robertobot refers to Roberto Orci, and Alexatron refers to Alex Kurtzman, and both of them are screenwriters for Transformers movies. (Image source: Jester Pictures)

Transformers screenwriters

Transformers The Movie. Drawn by using 2B pencil and colored by Wacom and PainterIX, very cool fan art with personal style imbued. (Image source: Wangyuxi)

Transformers the movie

Unknown. An unknown work from unknown author, but still looks nice! According to the discussion in Superhero Hype, all different body parts of this Transformers are taken from original concept arts. Hat off to the author. (Image source: Unknown)




While the concept art surprises me with its immense beauty, what really shocks me more are the fan arts that possess the same quality with professional concept arts. I personally believe that artworks above are not only produced by pencils and software, but also passion that pushes the work to a new level that impresses audience deeply. Sincerely thanks for all artists that made the Transformers world so colorful and epic.

I personally have more love for Megatron! what are your favorite Transformers then? What do you think about the coming sequel, Dark of the Moon? let’s spark some fan talks in our comment section!