20 Fresh Adobe Illustrator Tutorials to Learn in 2020

Designing and digital art is one of those skills that needs constant updating as new tools and technology keeps emerging. Similarly, for Adobe Illustrator new tricks and techniques are freqeuntly created. But you don’t need to join special classes or take part in a course to brush up your Illustrator skills as Adobe Illustrator tutorials can do just the right job.

In this roundup I have collected 20 fresh Adobe Illustrator tutorials to try in 2017 which will help you to create a range of different designs, from retro text and sci fi blaster to seamless pattern and travel icons. Let’s jump rignt into the list.

Create a Vector Popsicle in Adobe Illustrator – This tutorial will follow you through the process of creating colorful popsicles in Adobe Illustrator. You can customize your artwork and play around with shapes and colors.


Create a “BBQ Time” Concept Illustration – This guide will teach you how to create a summer green barbecue illustration using only basic shapes in Illustrator. This image could be used for event invitation or summer party postcard.


How to Create a Cute Cartoon Tiger Illustration – Would you like to draw a cute tiger illustration, maybe on the National Tiger Day on July 29th? In this article, you’re going to see the process of creating a cute cartoon tiger by using simple shapes and warp effects.


Draw a Watercolor Mermaid Illustration – In this lesson, you will learn how to create a fantastic character of Mermaid. You’re going to draw the girl on paper first and then turn it into digital art with Illustrator.


Design a Flat Sci-Fi Blaster in Illustrator – If you’re designing something for sci-fi theme, this tutorial is for you. It will help you create a futuristic cartoonish blaster with gradients, shapes, and blending modes.


Create a Neat Desktop Illustration – In this short tutorial, you’ll get to know how to create a work space illustration using shapes, gradients, and transformation tools. You can choose the color scheme you like and turn a night into a day.


Editable Retro Text Style in Illustrator – This Illustrator tutorial will help you to create beautiful text effect with the letter ‘A’. You can create other letters the same way and make a whole new word from them.


Design a Handsome Flat Hipster Character – In this intermediate level Illustrator lesson you’re going to create a nice hipster man with a beard. This could be achieved using the following tools: Basic Shapes, Stroke panel, Align panel, Live Corners.


Create a Tropical Bungalow on a Palm Beach – In this tutorial, you’ll get to know as how to create a nice summer tropical bungalow image with palms on the beach using simple shapes and other tools of Illustrator. Inspired by this tutorial, you can make your own scene with mountains, forests, or the ocean.


Create a brand new style of vector portrait – Here you’ll find a video vector portrait Illustrator tutorial by Bram Vanhaeren which will help you learn a new style of portrait creation in Illustrator.


Create a Flat Style Vector MapUsing basic shapes and flat colors, you can create a creative yet simple illustrated map. The map includes a road, trees, water, houses, mountains, and whole towns, so the sky is the limit here.


Design a Seamless Avocado Pattern – This 20-minutes Adobe Illustrator tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a seamless avocado pattern in yellow and green color scheme. You; re going to use Shape Building, Offset Path, Pattern Tool, Swatches panel, Scale Tool for this lesson.


Create a Traditional Chinese Painting Using Gradient Mesh – This amazing flower painting tutorial was specifically translated from Chinese. It will teach you to create China’s national flower in Adobe Illustrator using the Gradient Mesh Tool.


Create a Flat Winter Scene in Adobe Illustrator – This lovely Adobe Illustrator tutorial shows how to create a nice winter forest scene in a flat style. You can change the color scheme and turn the winter into autumn, summer, or spring. This illustration could be a perfect fit for a website header or a postcard to celebrate the season.


Flat Design Summer Illustration in Adobe Illustrator – This amazing tutorial will help you to create a composition of summer essentials, such as an umbrella, shorts, watermelon, surf, and mat which could be used for a vacation or travel concept.


Make a Cute Dinosaur in Illustrator – Follow this simple Illustrator tutorial to create a nice dinosaur character and practice your drawing skills. You will use only basic shapes and a texture.


Design a Krishna Postcard in Adobe Illustrator – There is a holiday in the Hindu calendar in August called Krishna Janmashtami. In this guide, you will see how to create a postcard for this holiday in Adobe Illustrator through a step by step process.


Create a Stylish Accessories Icon Pack – This is a simple yet powerful tutorial on how to create a camping icon set including glasses, backpack, shoes, and compass. You are going to set custom grid and use basic shapes to create icons.


How To Create a Decorative Drop Cap – This Adobe Illustrator tutorial will teach you to create ethnical text effect. For this exact tutorial the author нас chosen letter ‘S’, but it would be interesting to see how this canvas works for other letters too.


Create a Vintage Camera in Adobe Illustrator – Follow this simple Illustrator tutorial to create a vintage-looking camera using basic shapes and flat colors. Don’t hesitate to adjust the tutorial to your won style and change the colors or shapes as you like to get a completely new look.

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