70 Creative Advertisements That Make You Look Twice

Nivea Beauty – Calcium Power

Nivea Beauty

World No Tobacco Day – Non Smoking Area

World No Tobacco Day

Duracell Escalator

Duracell Escalator

Motor Magazine – Speed tracks

Motor Magazine
Motor Magazine ad
Motor Magazine ad 2

TAC – If you drive on drugs, you’re out of your mind.

TAC advertisement
TAC advertisement 2
TAC advertisement 3

Rubik’s Cube – 25th Anniversary

Rubik's Cube - 25th Anniversary ad
Rubik's Cube - 25th Anniversary ad

UNICEF Mickey – The children can’t die.

Rubik's Cube - 25th Anniversary ad 3

UNICEF – Don’t ignore me

UNICEF- Don't ignore me

MSNBC – A Fuller Spectrum of News

Sony PSP – Handcuffed

Snickers – 50% Extra!

Snickers ad

Nivea – Goodbye Cellulite Sofa

Nivea - Goodbye Cellulite Sofa ad

Volkswagen Beetle – The new beetle

Volkswagen Beetle ad
Volkswagen Beetle ad 2
Volkswagen Beetle ad 3

Hard Rock Cafe – Don’t know the lyrics?

Hard Rock Cafe ad

These advertisement were collected from various sources, including: AdsOfTheWorld, Toxel, JustCreativeDesign, Hemmy, and more.