Vintage Advertisement of Modern Technology

Vintage design is always described as outdated, old looking design with most updated products like Facebook or Nintendo Wii featured… what?

Yeah it’s not a typo, I mean it, and you’re gonna witness 24 modern products adapted into vintage style advertisement. Some of them are created by modern designer, yet others are modified directly from genuine vintage ads originated from your parent’s era.

So get amused, get inspired, who knows vintage might be the design direction for your next viral ad campaign!

Social Media


“Striking, miraculous social team-up!” Designed by advertising agency Moma.


“The fabulous voice system able to put your family together.” Designed by advertising agency Moma.


“The sublime, mighty community with just 140 letters!” Designed by advertising agency Moma.


“Send and watch splendid and captivating films, 24/7.” Designed by advertising agency Moma.

Gaming Console

GameBoy Advance SP

“Gonna be an exciting night… ;)” Adapted by photality.

Guitar Hero

Have a rockin’ Christmas! Adapted by Partyshot.

Nintendo Wii

“Meet the amazing Nintendo Wii.” Adapted by gugacurado.

Nintendo Wii & Guitar Hero

“Amaze your friends with heroic guitar music!” Adapted by steveRS.

Playstation 3

“The simple rule ‘Homework first – Playstation second’ has solved the problem in thousands of homes.” Adapted by larzuc.


“Back in the Fifties, I always wanted one of these.” Adapted by WhoElse.


IBM ThinkPad T22

“Women know what they want. ;)” Adapted by cccvrcak.


“Beauty. Brains. And now more brawn.” Adapted by ShayLaVie.

Macbook Pro

“Pure beauty. Pure power.” Adapted by chrisulloa.

Power Mac G5

“All computers are not created equal.” Adapted by fxchick.

Music Device


The extraordinary iPod that brought back Apple empire. Adapted by tahias.

Mobile Phone


Perhaps it’s a Sony Erricson phone, but the ads is quite fabulous and amusing. Adapted by RebelD0g.


It’s Nokia! Adapted by brypro63.

Nokia Cellphone

Surely cellphone is better. Adapted by kawabunga2002.

Samsung Smartphone

“Think mobile. Think Samsung smartphone.” Adapted by nicootje.


Chevrolet Silverado

By far the best blending work I have witnessed from this series of ads. Adapted by Gavh.

Ford Mustang

“Because it’s a better car.” Adapted by abbott567.


“There’s nothing like a new car for gayety.” Adapted by mayfae.


“So if you’ve wanted to buy a car that sticks out a little, you know just what to do.” Adapted by unrealcity.


This can surely change the history of automobiles. Adapted by DocMinor.

Household Appliance


Just because your wife deserves the best. Adapted by MeanMrMustard.

Washing Machine

“My grandmother would of loved one of these back then.” Adapted by mehere.

More Vintage

Looking for more vintage design or create your own? Well you came to the right site!

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