28 Nice and Creative Tech Advertisements

Whenever you flipped through a tech related magazine, how often you stopped and stare at a tech ad for more than 3 seconds. Chance are most of us will ignore them. The problem with tech ads are just like the others, they have to very clever and really creative in order to catch some attention. Here are some really cool technology related advertisement from notable companies like Sony, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, etc that don’t suck. Full list after jump.

AOL Mega Mailbox

Apple iPhone Photo

Apple iPod Touch

Apple Mighty Mouse: Lucifer


High-Speed Internet -Blimp

Digicape Apple Discount

Hewlette Packard

HP Computer skin

Kingston Technology: Stick

Things seem smaller when you have 8GB.

Microsoft Balloons

Microsoft Hardware. Happy 25th.

Motorola Razr: Blood

Norton Systemworks: Mower

Olympus: Tripod white

m700 with image stabilisation

Palm Pilot

Panasonic: Wide Angle

RCA Music


Samsung ultra slim cell phone

Samsung Plasma TV

Sony cotton stick

Anti-distortion HiFi. For a cleaner sound.

Sony Vaio

Sony Vault

Sony Widescreen TV

Sony Walkman



Sources: Adsoftheworld.com

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