40 Impressive Product Ads You Don’t See in Magazines

We constantly see a lot of impressive advertisements in the magazines, posters and all but that’s just what being printed for us. Chances are, there are lots of great designs out there that have not surfaced. These designs could be done by students for school projects, passionate graphic designers or even failed pitches that did not meet industry requirements. However we thought they are great and deserve some publicity. We respect the fact that these designers are wiling to share their artwork. Some are available in high resolution that might fit as wallpapers, but do check with the respective authors if you are going to download them.

Without further ado, here are 40 Impressive Product Advertisement You Don’t See in Magazines. Full list after jump.

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All colorsby BraveDesign

ADIDAS adby Phanox

Adidas Advertisementby StratocasterUK

Adidasby exadorv

Adidasby noeeko

Adidas, The oneby roxymanlol

Eco Bottle Adby ishbu

Hugo Boss – Skyline is the limitby archanN

Shoot For The Starsby 1NNU3NDO

Hugo Createby frostenblade

Hugo Dreamsby GraphicStreetRacer

iPhone :: Safariby Benny04

Sony Ericsson S500iby vezeta

Sony Ericsson k850iby aleszev

Sony Ericsson W880i by eduardoBRA

Martini Brut – Kingby he1z

Miracles happenby mistikraptor

Nokia N81 Adby Phanox

Nikeby GrantJohno

Nike Environment Protectionby dr4oz

Nike meteors ad conceptby Koston101

Nintendo Adsby inxiaonia

Nokia 7380by cancera3

Nokia 7610by Aeoll

Nokia 7900 Prismby queedo

Nokia 8600 Luna Advertisementby Uribaani

Nokia N96by hilall2006

Nokia phone v.2by cortezART

Pepsi Commercialby mindfuckx

Playstation 3by mOsk

Pumaby phatdesign

Sony Ericsson S500iby r0man-de

Samsung Bordeaux Plus

by roxymanlol

Small Wonder – HPby Espador

Sony Ericssonby roxymanlol

Sony Ericsson S500i by eduardoBRA

Sony Ericsson Z320iby roxymanlol

Tiger Beer : Energyby archanN

Sony Ericsson W200aby raisedsighty

Playstation 3by roxymanlol

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