21 Excellent Examples of Animal Web Mascots

Everyday, an average internet user is bombarded by advertisements, images, news, etc. With the booming number of internet websites over the years, it is not surprising for any internet user to be overwhelmed by such information overload. Online companies are competing with each other to attract more visitors to their site, and equally important, retain them. To achieve this, marketers online have to constantly come up with unique ideas to captivate viewers so that they can remember their website.

Designing a captivating logo or symbol is one way to leave deeper impression for site visitors. However, text logos or symbol logos are way too common for the vast array of websites on the net, so some marketers are resorting to using cute, catchy and adorable animals as mascots for their website. Mozilla Firefox, an internet browser, is one good example. The trademarked orange fox mascot is so popular that it is usually the first thing that pops into mind when we hear of the browser.

For those who are interested in finding more about using Animals as Web Mascots , here are 21 fine examples for your reference.


Site visitors are bound to be attracted by this well-designed delightful chimp that greets them on the very first page. Apart from that, this chimp mascot is illustrated in such a way that it roughly represents what the website is all about (i.e. email marketing). This is an essential component since the impression made to one will also provide information on the website service. People will then effortlessly remember what the website is about upon recognizing the mascot.

Elune Art

Sometimes, simplicity is the best design. This website features a brown owl mascot with a soothing light blue background. Such plain design is pretty straightforward and therefore conveniently remembered by visitors. So long as people have no problem identifying what the mascot character is (in this case, an owl), they will be able to apply that character to represent a particular website, thereby forming an impression that lasts.


This little bee logo is suitably used for this financing website because first of all, the golden-colored bee reminds all of us of the color of coins which in itself is a symbol for money or finance. Most importantly, the bee fits well into the tagline of the company: Taking the sting out of debt. In other words, this website has created a simple yet memorable mascot that customers could remember by relating to the ‘sting’ of being in debt as well as the color of money.


Everyone knows what an octopus is, but this eight-footed sea creature distinguishes itself from other animals in terms of its unique features. As such, a website that utilizes it as a representation will be able to catch visitors’ attention. Hence, a pink and adorable octopus like this should be able to build an impression that lasts well enough to enable visitors to call to mind the website and its content.


Cute designs and themes is a must for a website that deals with toys for kids. Even though the customers are parents themselves, it is still necessary for web designers to create the appropriate ambience to grab parents’ attention. These delightful monkeys and the accompanying color theme for this website are likely to encourage visitors to explore further and keep the website in mind.


With their vibrantly colored beaks, toucan birds are one of a kind. Upon entering the web desing site, visitors are greeted by two aloof-looking toucan birds on the right of the page. Despite the unresponsive expressions, the two birds are still able to pull off as an adorable pair. Such contrasting nature of the mascot design can instill a sense of curiosity for anyone who stumble across the website.

Cow and Monkey

Witn a witty name and a comical mascot design, this website is able to create a unique branding that lasts. One couldn’t help but be amused to see the two cartoon characters peering out and looking straight at you as one travel from page to page. Both cow and monkey are well designed along with a beautiful background. Such design attracts visitors and inject a sense of professionalism. Humorous contents are also most easily remembered.


Once again, this simple webpage uses cow as a mascot. Although a cow does not seem to have any direct association with their URL shortening service, employing an lovable cartoon cow to represent the website beats using just words (e.g. www.tinyurl.com). Once someone becomes aware of this website, he or she will link it to the image of this cartoon cow, thereby facilitating recall.


For this particular web design site, the bird not only serves as logo for visitors to remember by, but also as an example of the site’s portfolios. In this case then, the mascot is appropriately used to represent what the website actually provides. This is a effective approach to motivate site visitors to explore further.


A green turtle with a spiky mohawk hairstyle smoking a cigarette for a music search engine may not be appealing for some, but it is peculiar enough to raise eyebrows. Such odd or even bizarre mascot may perhaps be distinctive enough for visitors to bear in mind this site. Regardless of whether the design is pleasing to the eye, the mascot has fulfilled its purpose so long as people are able to remember the website through it.

Mozilla Firefox

Among the many Mozilla softwares, Mozilla Firefox probably has the most well-known mascot logo for its open source web browser. The trademark fox mascot circling the globe symbolizes the function of the browser to connect worldwide. The design for the fox itself is also very well-done with the color of its fur matching the color of the flames of a fire. An attractive logo like this for a software or a website is a superb strategy for effective branding and marketing


What better way to captivate visitors than to animate the mascot? By animating the cover page of the book that this website is selling, visitors are more likely to be drawn to the adorable characters and induced to find out more about them. Although the animation is minimal, it is sufficient enough to bring to life these characters and interest any potential customers.


This is yet another web design website with an amazing design that focuses on the whole package. The website is well-decorated with a greenish-yellow cloudy background along with a couple of lovely animal characters raising a flag labelled ‘www’. The illustration of animals raising the flag together is deliberately used to emphasize on their company’s tagline ‘let’s work together’. The nicely designed mascots with their symbolization of their mission will clearly form a deep impression on any site visitors.


A simple design of an owl mascot is used here, but the overall ambience brought about by applying light colors onto the site’s background as well as the owl is able to bring out a soothing experience. The owl serves as a symbol for the website for the masses to remember by. Simplistic designs like this can be effective as long as people are emotionally engaged into the whole package and recognize what the mascot is in order to associate it with the website.


What is striking about this website is the immense background covering the sky, sea and beneath the sea. On the same page, the monkey, toucan bird and the porcupine fish sits on top of the website’s title within the same page. Overall, the page is a humorous display of various mascots that is bound to tickle the first time visitors of the site. A lighthearted design like this will stand out from the sea of ordinary websites in the internet.


Clear-cut mascot design like this is easy for anyone to call to mind. This bespectacled alligator is seen here working on converting PSD (photoshop document) to CSS and HTML format, which is pretty the service that this website is offering. One advantage of such uncomplicated and straightforward design is that visitors know what to expect at first sight.


Why choose a whale as a mascot for a community website for book lovers? Perhaps the website is making a metaphorical point in that the amount of written literature in the world is neverending like the sea which the whale lives in. In other words, the whale mascot is put in for avid readers to identify with, as if it is consuming the sea of books in its huge body. This is a design that took efforts to incorporate in a good representation for the website’s content.


A large picture of a buffy ape in tight-fitting shirt holding on to an evaluation clipboard greets the visitor on the site’s main page. One can’t help but spend some time observing the delicate and pleasing illustration of the ape. The more time one examines the mascot, the more memorable it becomes. Mascot designers for website can best leave a deeper impression in visitors but arousing their curiosity.

Squared Eye

This is again another website that chose a whale as their mascot. According to the author, this blue whale, Levi, was designed to emphasize the company’s appetite for detail. We all know the blue whale is the largest living animal (and thus having the biggest appetite). In short, the designer brilliantly selected the blue whale to articulate what the company believes in- A Monstrous Appetite for the Tiniest Details.


A likely reason why this wide-eyed cartoon bird is used as a logo and symbol is because as one could see, the name of the site is "Tweak!". In this case, the website is a podcast site offering bits and pieces of advice on small improvements to life and business. However, one can use the same name to refer to the breaking sound of tree branches. The mascot bird seems to be petrified, as if it just heard a ‘tweaking’ sound, indicating that the branch it is grabbing on is about to break. This hilarious transfer of the site name to a mascot is a interesting way for people to associate for better recall.


The zoo theme is chosen for this particular website tool because the word ‘zoo’ rhymes with ‘tool’, and naming it ‘zootool’ makes it easier for one to remember. Therefore, this website packaged itself into a zoo theme, such that users who signed up for their personal organizer service actually ‘start their own zoo’. The Rhinoceros mascot is thus pictured on the right to create the make-believe to further solidify their site name. This website example shows how the appropriate choice of mascot can work hand-in-hand with the site’s name to bring out effective marketing.

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