2 Ways to Turn Gmail into Online Storage

Each GMail account comes with a 2.8Gb (and counting) storage capacity but how many are actually utilizing it fully? Here’s 2 ways how you can turn your GMail into an online storage. That’s right, a 2.8Gb (if you have only 1 account) web storage to keep/retrieve anything you want online simply just by uploading/downloading them.

Option 1 – Gspace Extension for Firefox

This is an extension for firefox with a interface very similar to FTP application. It comes in 4 different modes (File transfer mode, Player mode, Photo mode, Gmail drive mode), with File transfer mode as default. Here’s how File transfer mode looks like.

  • Top left – My Computer
  • Top right – My Gspace
  • Bottom left – Transfer progress
  • Bottom right – Transfer status

How to Transfer

Select file(s) from Top left (My Computer) and click upload button.

It’s Hot

  • 1 click to check your Gmail emails
  • Able to restrict transfers to particular extensions
  • Ability to send files to other users
  • Handles multiple Gmail Account

It’s Not

  • Not a standalone application, only works in Firefox
  • “Click” to upload instead of “Drag”

Install Gspace Extension for Firefox / Download Firefox with Google Toolbar

Option 2 – GMail Drive

This is probably the more popular among both. Download GMail Drive setup file; install and you will see a new drive named “GMail Drive” in My Computer.

How to Use

How do you copy a file from a folder to another? Exactly. Drag and drop.

It’s Hot

  • Simple interface and easy to use; Drag (files from computer) and drop (GMail account)
  • Standalone application (check with the requirements)

It’s Not

  • It handles one GMail account, Gspace Extension for Firefox can handle multiple.
  • Pure storage of files, there is no file sharing options
  • Only works for Microsoft Windows

Download GMail Drive