40 Clever and Creative Shopping Bag Designs

Would you rather have a dull and plain shopping or grocery bag with you or have something that complements your style and personality, or at least something that captures the attention of by-passers? Well, as you shall see in the list below, some shopping bags are designed to be seen and to put a smile on someone’s face. Others are out to make a voiceless statement and to create awareness of global issues.

Regardless of their agenda, a captivating bag design – be it paper or plastic, canvas or cloth – can bring positive attention to the brands or organizations they represent. See if you agree after checking out these 40 eye-catching bag designs you don’t see every day.

Kong: Shoe Bag (Image Credit: Jamie Buckingham)

ReVital (Image Credit: Antje Gerwien)

Meralco: Unplug to Save Bags (Image Credit: TBWA, Philippines)

Fitness Company: Shopping Bag (Image Credit: Gert Maehnicke)

Shumensko Beer: Beer Crate (Image Credit: Chavdar Kenarov & Marsel Levi)

Lipton Clear Green Tea Bag: Carry Bag (Image Credit: Imtiyaz Khan)

Lee: Never Wasted (Image Credit: Praveen Das & Kartik Lyer)

Kiwi (Image Credit: Inch)

Coffee Concepts (Image Credit: Quantum Concept)

Moo Shoes (Image Credit: Alistair Marshall)

YKM Skipping Bag (Image Credit: TBWA, Istanbul)

Canon EOS 500D Bag (Image Credit: One Paradox)

Max Factor Eye Bag (Image Credit: Andreas Pauli)

Fred & Friends Xposed Bag (Image Credit: Fred & Friends)

Index Living Mall: Model Room Bags (Image Credit: Suthisak Sucharittanonta & Nikrom Kulkosa)

Sandisk – Space For 4,000 Photos (Image Credit: Tom Cullinan)

"Carbon Neutral Challenge" – Reusable Bag (Image Credit: Santiago Mangada Puno)

Donation Appeal: Umbrella Bags (Image Credit: Keith Ho & Ray Lam)

Total Nutrition Corporation: Burn Bag (Image Credit: Merlee Jayme & Eugene Demata)

LG Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine: Laundry Bag Takeover (Image Credit: Shahir Zag)

Craftsman Tools: Drill Bag (Image Credit: Ken Erke)

Gortz 17 Shoelace Box Bag (Image Credit: Kempertrautmann, Hamburg, Germany)

Red Cross (Image Credit: Michael Cheung)

HLX Air Sickness Bag (Image Credit: Jan Leube)

San Li Tun Village: Dinosaurian Egg (Image Credit: Johnson Sheng)

This Human World – Austrian Film Festival of Human Rights (Image Credit: Wien Nord, Vienna, Austria)

Photon Life Slimming Experts Bag (Image Credit: Farrah Bianca)

Clothes in Closets: Knucle Bag (Image Credit: Chacho Puebla)

Christian Child & Youth Aid – "Bag For More" (Image Credit: Waldemar Konopka & Roland Vanoni)

Panadol Extra Bags (Image Credit: Panadol)

Pantene Shampoo Bag (Image Credit: Tony Sarmiento III & Peachy Pacquing)

Get The Hang Of It (Image Credit: DEDE DextrousDesign)

City Harvest – Help Cure Hunger In New York (Image Credit: James Kuczynski & Dana Tiel)

Paper Bag with Dog Ear Handles (Image Credit: The Barkitect)

Volkswagen Golf GTI: Bag (Image Credit: Christian Vince)

Stop’n Grow – Nail Biter Bag (Image Credit: David Mously)

Brain Bag: IBM OpenPower Project (Image Credit: Shigehiko Ichinosawa)

Triumph – No! Eco Shopping Bag Bra (Image Credit: Triumph Japan)

Dragonet Diving – ‘Plastic Bag’ (Image Credit: Ronald Ng)

ASPE Crime Stories Bag (Image Credit: Duval Guillaume)


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