Animal Photo Manipulation: 26 Photoshopped Robotic Animals

Photoshop is cool, and we mean really cool! With the right technique and some creativity you can totally turn any image into something extraordinary with a bigger impact. It’s fun to just take a photo, manipulate and see what output becomes.

Today we want to show you some amusing photo manipulation – the robotic animals. These images comes from our talented friends over at worth1000 who took Photoshop into the next level by manipulating photos of normal animal and turned them into robotic creative by injecting mechanical parts into their body. We hope this inspires you and help your creativity.

Quick article recommendations for animal lovers:


Robotic Mosquito | Catfish08

Leportron 6603 | Gavh

Mechano-Squirrel | AlterThis

Cyber W’horse 1K | MatSat

Slither | MarcSTLouis

Robo-Chicken | YearoftheDragon

Cybermantis | Trit

Monkey Bot 2.0 | Dechko

S-D Z632 | Thunderhorse

Battle Snail | Claven

Ferrari Dragonfly | Terrence

Robo-Turtle | Omerican

LadyCybug | Alliex

Armageddillo | Chris

RoboMantis | Jaylee1

Robo Lobster | solipsism

Wireless Doggle | Linglie

Driller Worm | vipez666

Baluga | Eumesmo

The Prototype | Svethead

Peamanmeatinator | Chris

Overkill | Pepey78

Robolizard | Garsaelon

FlaminGr0b0t | Chris

Mechtrout | solipsism

Cyber Cat | Mandrak

Note: No animals were hurt during the hunt for these photo manipulations.