20 Lifelike Pencil Drawing Masterpieces

Artists can work on different surfaces like on Starbucks cups, pavements and walkways, walls on buildings, and even on coffee. All it takes is creativity and the need to make something awesome. Even with the humble pencil, an artist with the talent to run the strokes in the right angle can really produce simply amazing masterpieces you won’t believe were drawn.

In the age of Photoshop, many artists have fallen back on tricks and tools to cover up flaws, and enhance the cosmetic side of their results. This makes the following pencil-drawn artwork all the more amazing. Mistakes don’t get an undo button in these circumstances but this isn’t a problem for the perfectionist: they don’t make mistakes.

Here are just some of the incredible artworks of extremely talented pencil sketch artists, that will make you question what you see.

The Artworks

Check out the amazing pencil sketches by the following artists:

Daan Noppen

Osm Productions

Zindy S. D. Nielsen


Vimal Chandran

Mihalyi Anita

Linda Huber


Paul Cadden

Diego Fazio


Lucie Culkova


Ileana Hunter