20 Awesome “Battle of the Browsers” Artworks

There was a time when Internet Explorer defeated Netscape and became the most famous (or most used) Internet browser in the world. Well, you know what happened next, basically IE screwed up, letting righteous Mozilla Firefox take over (easily) as reigning champ. Then, Google Chrome joined the war, became a tough contender and swiftly dethroned Firefox.

The war amongst the browsers is so famous that, users, who evidently have their own favorite browser in mind, have translated their thoughts about this epic war of the browsers into artforms.

Here, we are showcasing 20 creative (and some amusing) artworks that depict the never-ending battle between the mighty browsers. Note: All of the artworks below do not express or represent any viewpoint or favouritism of any particular Internet browser.


Each browser has its own beautiful aura. Note the use of the colors to represent the browsers.

Image Source: eskimoie

Browser Battle

Only one will walk out the arena! And its the users who will decide the battle result.

Image Source: Konayashi

browser battle
Browsers’ Battle

Google Chrome basically shocked the world when it slammed into the browser war so suddenly, just like what this artwork is trying to show.

Image Source: NYTimes

browsers battle
Browser Trio

Long long time ago, there were 3 legendary browser dragons named Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome, who fought against each other to bring balance to the online realm. Genuine one, DragonarySilver.

Image Source: DragonarySilver

browser trio
Browser Wars

Shoze is drawing what I currently see. I was once an Internet Explorer’s fan, you know.

Image Source: shoze

browser wars
Firefox Fights Internet Explorer

If IE’s icon is as cool as what Derlaine8 drew below, it would have gained back some of its lost users!

Image Source: Derlaine8

firefox fights internet explorer
Firefox vs Internet Explorer

With the rise of Internet Explorer 10, the winner of the battle is yet to be seen. But let’s not forget Google Chrome.

Image Source: Greg Bakes

firefox vs internet explorer
Firefox vs Chrome

Painted by foice, this awesome artwork showed the truth – for now it’s really just a war between the firey fox and A.I. Chrome.

Image Source: foice

firefox vs chrome
Firefox vs Google Chrome

Each has their own advantages, but only the one who focuses the most on users will win!

Image Source: crazyrems

firefox vs google chrome

Cool and expressive! Google Chrome is a ticking timebomb that makes IE look over its shoulders all the time.

Image Source: oneblog

IE6 Denial Message

The odd one out. Every web designer knows that IE6 is such a bad boy, but for me IE7 somehow inherited its problematic genes.

Image Source: John Martz

ie6 denial message
If Browsers Were Guns

Hey, I wonder which gun represents Internet Explorer?

Image Source: 9GAG

if browsers were guns
If Browsers were Cats with Guns

When all else fails, use cats to deliver your message.

Image Source: Hill Top IT

if browsers were cats with guns
If Browsers Were Celebrities

I agree with the opinion regarding Chrome, although Chrome’s more like Morgan Freeman to me!

Image Source: Walyou

if browsers were celebrities
If Browsers Were Superheroes

Firefox is strong, Chrome is fast, don’t you agree?

Image Source: C-Section Comics

if browsers were superheroes
If Browsers Were Transports

An honest review by CollegeHumor, ’nuff said!

Image Source: CollegeHumor

if browsers were transports

This was what every web designer said to me, until Google Chrome joined the race.

Image Source: Haikera-Baiketsu

Internet Explorer’s 15th Birthday

Am I the only one who thought the HTML 5 gift is little bit sarcastic?

Image Source: Gizmodo

internet explorer's 15th birthday
Mobile Browser Wars

How about a game of mobile browser wars! Judging by the interface, it should be fun!

Image Source: MobilityWire

mobile browser wars
Which Web Browser Do You Like

I think I like all browsers then.

Image Source: You-Ta

which web browser do you like


Just like the mobile war between iOS, Android and Windows OS, the browser war would not yield a clear winner for as long as their creators continue to forge improvements for their users.

I think this competition is really healthy, as in the end it’s the users who get to enjoy all the benefits. This is also a good lesson for designers and developers, that user-focused features and user experience are what truly matters.

I personally favor Google Chrome for its speed and clean interface! What’s your current favorite browser? Sound off at the comments section below.