20 Desktop Tools to Generate and Manage Passwords

In our previous post, we talked about why you should change your passwords and gave you tips on creating strong passwords. Some of you might have even tried to create and test your new password, but found the results still weak. If random characters and numbers are giving you strong passwords, but you are finding it hard to remember them, this article may help.

Today we are featuring 20 desktop tools to help you generate and also manage multiple passwords. Most of them are free, however those that require you to pay have additional features that make it stand out from the rest.

Password Generators

It can get a bit frustrating when some websites require you to include certain characters in your chosen password. It helps make the password harder to crack but adding that extra upper case character, a number and/or a symbol may make it harder for you to remember your passwords.

To help you, we recommend the following desktop programs which not only help to generate strong passwords but can also help generate pronounceable (hence, easier to remember) passwords.

Password Generator

[Windows] This program is a lightweight tool that does not require installation. Just run the program, choose from one of the 15 languages provided and hit F5 to generate a list of passwords which you can save into a .txt file. The Password Check feature determines if your password is really secure. [Free]

Password Inventor

[Windows] No installation required. Choose from the three options Simple, Pattern or Pronounceable passwords can be generated. You can either generate just one password or a list of passwords which can be saved or copied out. The Pattern option is a powerful feature where users determine which specific characters or symbols to include as well as its position within the password. [Free]

SecureSafePro Password Generator

[Windows] With an easy-to-understand user interface, this program can generate up to 100,000 unique passwords in a single click. The passwords can be saved into a .txt file for future reference. Passwords generated can also be 99 characters in length and pronounceable, generating secure and easy-to-remember passwords. [Free]

Quicky Password Generator

[Windows] Sometimes a basic generator without the hassle of advanced options can still produce secure passwords. Allowing variable-length passwords of 4 to 20 characters makes this password generator standout from the rest. [Free]


[Windows] A very secure program that has multiple features, this program includes options to Encrypt, Decrypt and Clear the clipboard so that no information is intercepted when copying passwords out of this program. It also offers PassPhrases which makes the password easier to remember. [Free]


[Windows] When you need specific characters for your passwords, this program does not limit the user to checkboxes of different options. Users input their allowed characters to create unique and/or readable passwords. It also features an option to check the password strength. [Free]

Random Password Generator

[Windows] This is a basic, all-in-one program to generate, manage and determine password strength. This program requires you to install it to manage passwords, accessible via password. The manager also has an editable section for each saved password so you won’t forget what each password is for. [Free]

WinTinker Password Generator

[Windows] So far this is the only generator that features replacing characters with symbols to generate secure and random passwords. [Free]


[Mac] An easy-to-use yet powerful password generator. This program generates hexadecimal passwords which are commonly used but difficult to do on your own. [Free]

Password Boy

[Windows] This password generator works both online and offline. Just bookmark it and generate secure passwords whenever you need it. To use it offline, download it via this link. [Free]

SoftFuse Password Generator

[Windows] If you’re working in public you may like this asterisk mask of the password generated with this tool. Despite not seeing the password, you’ll still be able to copy the generated password and paste it wherever you need it. [Free]


[Windows] The program uses an algorithm that has been perfected to generate secure pronounceable passwords. [Free]

Password Managers

Having unique passwords on every website you register for is good practice and ensures your security. However, this creates another issue: to remember all these unique passwords for multiple websites.

Below are a few password managers that will help you in ensuring that all your unique passwords are secure, well organized and protected at all times.


[Windows & Mac] This is one of the best password managers out there. Its best feature is that it is integrated into your web browser where you can save passwords on any website automatically. Not only does it support multiple operating systems, it syncs across all platforms and also Dropbox to ensure you have the password you need when you need it. [$49.99]


[Linux, Windows & Mac] This program is free and offers users security, multiple password management and an in-built password generator. It also can be integrated into the web browser of your choice where it can save and fill in your login ID and password when you access any website. You can also backup your passwords into a USB flash drive. [Free]

Password Safe

[Windows] A lightweight program, Password Safe is protected by a master password. It is secure and easy to use for remembering passwords for different websites or services. [Free]


[Windows] Another lightweight and easy-to-use password manager which also helps you keep notes. Just like other managers, it is protected by a master password, ensuring all your information is secure. [Free]

Key SplashID Safe

[Windows & Mac] Sync information over multiple device platforms and operating systems, and skip browser integration. This program also features a USB key which you can use to securely bring all your passwords with you wherever you go. [$19.95]


[Windows & Mac] mSecure comes with the promise of a secure encryption feature complete with self-destruct feature upon hacking attempts. Manage and organize your passwords with built-in groups where you can ‘favourite’ more commonly used passwords. Its secure syncing system enables you to have every password entry updated on multiple platforms instantly with the help of Dropbox. [$19.99]


[Linux, Windows & Mac] With this tool, you can set hotkeys to save and execute passwords. Other features include multiple language support, a password generator and being able to import, export and transfer your passwords securely. [Free]


[Windows, Linux & Mac] This password manager is a JavaScript bookmarklet for your browser to generate secure passwords out of a master password. Although you type the same password into every website, the password that it generates is unique to each website. [Free]