The Stuff Of Nightmares: Futuristic & Sophisticated Mechanical Bugs

How many of you are scared of the creepy crawlies, the lifeforms that have too many legs for their own good? We’re sure that some of you may have an entomologist gene in you, or will deny being irked by bugs, but what if they suddenly turned mechanical?

Actually, they will look really, really cool!

Here are just 25 of some amazingly sophisticated designs of bugs. Nothing can beat millions of years of nature’s work of course but darn it, some of these designs look like they came out of a science fiction movie, or should be part of one!

Although beautiful, these bugs could actually become fodder for nightmares, one that involes them taking over our world. Until then, let’s gawk at their amazing and intricate structure, and convince ourselves that we still have a sizable upper hand over them. (If they fly, we’re out of here!)

Insect Robot. (Image Source: pysgxs)

Steampunk Ladybird. (Image Source: HDWallpapers)

Robo Ant. (Image Source: abhijith vb)

Electronic Ant. (Image Source: Luca di Filippo)

Robo Fly. (Image Source: Anthony)

Steampunk Fly. (Image Source: Anthony)

Steampunk Firefly. (Image Source: Rowdy Huizer)

Robot Scissor Bug. (Image Source: gregknightart)

Steampunk Scorpion. (Image Source: CatherinetteRings)

Robot Bug. (Image Source: The Wallpaper)

Robotic Beetle. (Image Source: Anthony)

Mechanical Mosquito. (Image Source: Billy Bon)

Tiny Robot Mosquito Drones. (Image Source: hoax or fact)

Mosquito Prototype. (Image Source: Anthony)

Robotic Creature. (Image Source: Andrew Serkin)

Mech Spider. (Image Source: Nick Hepburn)

Robot Spider. (Image Source: hdw)

Robot Bee. (Image Source: Bahay ni Leonp)

Metal Dragonfly. (Image Source: A-GC Wallpaper)

Mechanisoptera Dragonflies. (Image Source: Arthrobots)

Rutelidae Scarab Bettle. (Image Source: Insect Lab)

A Mechanical Gnat. (Image Source: JM Gershenson-Gates)

Clockwork Spider. (Image Source: JM Gershenson-Gates)

Metal Spider. (Image Source: Delawarobot)

Giant Mechanical Spider. (Image Source: conceptrends)