Clever & Funny Puns Art By Nabhan Abdullatif [PICS]

Nabhan Abdullatif possesses the ability to draw people towards his artwork, because he has the best puns on Earth and best of all, he carries out his puns with his illustrations. In this post, we will feature 12 of his illustrated puns that will put a smile on your face.

(Image Source: Nabhan Abdullatif)

Name your favorite or your own version in the comments section below!

A Cup of Tea. Sir, this is the cup of tea you ordered. This tea is our special-Tea.

Chocolate. Oh Choco, you so late! Again!

Ice Skating. Want to go skating with ice?

Jam Session. Just strawberry, orange and lemon jamming (ah-ha!)

Joystick. Such a joyful…. er… stick.

Just In Case. Just in case you don’t know, this is "just in case"… now how should I explain this?

Mood Swings. Oops, looks like someone’s mood is in full swing today.

Smartphone. They’re called smartphones for a reason, you know.

Sweet Dreams. A sweet has sweet dreams about some sweets? Well that’s sweet.

Take Off. If that plane doesn’t take off soon, it’s going to take off too much!

Under The Sea. Oh, wow. The little mermaid deserves better than this.

You Can Count On Me. For really complicated math problems, you know who to call.

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