10 Christmas Gift Ideas for The Geeky Guy

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to start gearing up for some Christmas shopping! Buying the right thing for your loved ones is definitely a challenge; and it’s even more so when your special someone is a geek!

If cool gift ideas for the geeky boyfriend, husband, father or brother is what you seek, we might have a few suggestions to share with you. Ok, we have 10 gift ideas to help you get the perfect Christmas gift for the perfect geek. Full list after the jump!


Using your iPhone as an alarm clock is convenient but on days when you are feeling the Monday blues, it might not be loud enough to get you out of bed. This is where the iBell comes in to give you that classic metal ringing that remind you of traditional alarm clocks.

The non-cradle version (left) comes in a variety of 5 colors while the cradle (which also acts as a charger) only comes in black and white for an extra $13. Note that you need to download an app to get the alarm to work. [$41.00]


Rejuvenate your sneakers with this colorful lacing system called Hickies. Choose from 16 different color combinations to give your pair a unique look to match the Christmas season and festivities.

You won’t have to worry if you’re big- or small-footed because it is expandable to give you a snug and comfortable fit. Once you’ve installed it, you won’t have to adjust it anymore; your pair of laced sneakers will be transformed into unique looking slip ons. [$19.99]

Tony Stark Light up LED Iron Man Shirt

For superhero wannabes, forget that Superman t-shirt that everyone has and grab this official Marvel merchandise of Tony Stark and his Arc Reactor. There are battery-powered LED’s behind the shirt that can be removed for easy washing.

Three AAA batteries power the Arc Reactor for 12 hours. After that, it gets more awesome. The Arc Reactor begins to pulse on and off giving like it’s running out of power, guranteed to be a blast at crowded Christmas parties and get-togethers. [$29.99]


Ever have that feeling you forgot to lock your door but you’re already too far from home to turn back to check? With Lockitron and a smartphone, you do not have to worry as you can lock or unlock your doors with an app.

You can share access of the lock with family and friends and it even notifies you when your front door is unlocked by anyone of them. And when your phone is near enough to the door, it will automatically unlock – great for times when your hands are full with groceries. Coolness and security never worked this good together. [$179.00]

USB LED Beverage Cooler

A warm beer is a man’s kryptonite. No, that’s an exaggeration but, nothing is more refreshing than a nice, cool drink within arm’s reach of the computer! If you always want a can of your favorite drink nearby your computer, this USB-powered mini-fridgeis the answer of all your problems.

Long hours infront of the computer are more enjoyable than ever; definitely a Christmas gift your geek friends would enjoy. [$19.99]


This is just your average LED watch, but wait, what’s this? It’s touch- and motion-sensitive. Flicking your wrist or tapping the face of the watch shows the time, and swiping left and right takes you through the menus.

Plus, it’s powered by a rechargeable battery which you can recharge via a USB cable built into the watch strap! If you gift this watch to a nephew, you automatically become the favorite aunt or uncle of the year. [$259.00]

Bluetooth Handset Gloves

Have a friend who just cannot put own his phone? He might have to do that when it gets too cold out. Or he’d be really grateful to get this bluetooth handset glove from you, new best friend. This pair of gloves has a bluetooth headset built into the left glove and can work for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

It has a rechargeable battery which you can charge using a micro-USB cable. The conductive fiber also allows you to use your smartphone’s touch screen (and keeping warm) while wearing the gloves. [$69.99]

Gunnar Technology Eyewear

A geek spends most of his day in front of a computer; eye fatigue, eye strain and sometimes headaches could occur due to long periods of staring at the screen. Instead of just getting him a new pair of glasses he will probably get replaced before the following Christmas, get him a pair of Gunnar glasses.

The glasses help reduce the amount of stress the eyes take. It comes with many frame designs to fit any face shape and different lenses for different eye protecting purposes. [$79 – $189]


To add an extra kick of excitement to everyday gaming, get this Boomchair that has built in speakers that send vibrations throughout your whole body. Small devices like smartphones or tablets will benefit as the volume is boosted and louder when connected to the chair.

You can connect virtually to any system or device with a headphone jack or bluetooth. It can be charged with a USB port and is made of comfortable and rugged material for you to sit on for long gaming sessions. [$199.99]


For geeks working on their computers all day, this U-Board is great to get rid of the clutter on the workstation. This is a glass monitor stand that can withstand 15 kg. It also comes with a smartphone and drink holder which are removable.

On one of the stands there are also 3 USB ports. It comes in black or white and is a really good way to organize the workspace to help improve productivity. [$59.95]

For the Couples

In this bonus section, we’ll showcase 3 products you can buy for your loved one for Christmas. After all, sharing something meaningful together shows the strength of your love for each other.

Pixel Heart 8 Bit Love T Shirt

This matching 8 bit heart tee is a geeky treat for couples. Wear it together at Christmas parties to show off your love for geekiness and (of course) each other. [$23.60]

Nike+ FuelBand

This FuelBand will ensure you couples with a healthy new year resolution are working out together while having fun at the same time. The LED display shows how many points you’ve earned and calories you’ve burned, while trying to reach the goal of the day. [$149.00]

WeMo Baby

For couples with a newborn at home, this is a great (second) addition to the family. This baby monitor can sit in your child’s room while you monitor it with an iOS app. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network and can be linked to multiple iOS devices to ensure that everyone is alerted to the baby’s cries. [$89.99]