Cheapest Places in Asia To Get Apple Products – Shopping Cheatsheet

Apple released a new version of their MacBook Air during their WWDC early June 2013 which will start at a price of $999, but did you know you could get it for as low as $930? But it will depend on where you are staying. We asked the question of much the prices of Apple products differ from one country to another.

Based on our research, yeah, you can get your Apple products at a cheaper price in Asia than in the US but only in a few countries.

Let’s take a look.


We’re keeping this simple and only pitting the prices of a few products in 11 countries against prices in the US. Australia and New Zealand are included in the Asia Pacific region in Apple‘s page so they are included.

The prices of each device were taken from the Apple store online in each country, except for India which was taken from from an official reseller (here).


  • Prices highlighted in Green indicates cheapest.
  • Prices highlighted in Red indicates most expensive.
  • All the prices are in US Dollars based on a currency conversion rate by Google (Accurate as of: 24 June 2013)

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Here’s an inside look at the prices of the Apple product based on their local currencies prior to conversion. Basically these are the local prices the products are going for in the respective countries.


We’ve drawn a few conclusions from the numbers. Keep in mind that the prices are based on currency rates that tend to fluctuate also. Let us know if you agree with us or if you have something else to add, in the comments.

  • In Malaysia, Japan & Hong Kong, some Apple products can be bought at below US prices.

  • The numbers suggest that China is not the place to get Apple devices (ironically the components are made there). The same can be said of New Zealand where prices are much higher than in the US, over 20% extra.

  • You could save between $100 and $900 depending on where you get your device.

  • Prices in India are also on the high side because the products go through a reseller; their AirPort might also be an older model.

Overall, the winner has to be Malaysia as it has the most number of Apple devices that are cheapest amongst the countries in Asia, including the latest 4th-gen iPad and iPad Mini.