50 Beautiful & Enticing Designers Websites

Looking back at what others have done before you is a great way of obtaining inspiration. This also can lead to innovative designs. With this in mind where can we go? The answer is, other web designers. Their aim is promote their skills, style and attention to detail, whilst communicating necessary information. These are elements that graphic designers can observe in action. As designers we are constantly pushing for new ways to present ideas and with the invention of the internet the need has never been more dire.

This collection of websites showcases the best in bright/collage, illustrative, graphic, and flash based designs and demonstrates how we can incorporate typographic elements, stunning color palettes and strong graphical images to create a dynamic experiences for the viewer.

More posts we’ve done in the past that might give you some inspiration:

Bright & Collage Designs

They Creative

Amazee Labs

Kev Adamson


Foxie Designs

Simply Creative

Prakash Soni

Art Flavours

Studio 83

Studio IMG

Illustrative Designs


Sprocket House

I love Colors

Meomi Designs

Monster CSS

Hugs For Monsters

Denise Chandler

The Happy Time Cafe

Coo Coo Core


CHiRAG J Solanki

MK Leyne

Sylvain Rouvier

CSS Addict

Graphic Based Designs


color Pixel

Sites Guarded

F5 Designs


Douglas Menezes


Dan Joe Designs

Mauricio Castillo


Flash Based Designs


Digital Kick

Alex Blugg

Oddo Design



Chris Jockey

AP Design

Legwork Studio



Will Portfolio

The Pixel



Malika Favre

Final Thoughts

These websites use a combination of different elements effectively. They all a combination of images, color, type, interactive elements and music to create an unique experience for the viewer. These types of websites will attract and hold the viewers attention for longer. This is a point you may want to give careful consideration to. If you want your website to work for you, you also have to work for it. This is evident in the examples shown.

When you go back and take a look at this collection again, consider how you could use these elements in your own creations, and in some cases, improve it.

Editor’s note: This post is written by Emma Egan for Hongkiat.com. Emma is a freelance graphic designer from Sydney, Australia. She is listed in DesignCrowd’s Freelance Web Designer directory and you can hire her (and other designers) through DesignCrowd’s web design outsourcing service.