Top 9 Free Photo Collage Makers for Windows 8.1

Photo collages have been around for a while but is a trend that is making a come back in a selfie-laden era. Showcasing multiple photos within the same frame to communicate a fusion of stories, collages may be awesome to look at but difficult to manually make without the right tools.

The good news is there are plenty of graphic editors that can help organize photos in a beautiful fashion and all without the fuss that usually comes with. In this collection, we find 9 free photo collage makers you can use on Windows 8.1. Some have preset styles, designs, frames, grid arrangements, the ability to add text and other features that you’d probably find use for.

1. El Collagero

El Collagero greets you with a superb list of collage templates including shaped collages, and classic and cool template collages. It comes with hundreds of these templates, and offers some of the best customization options for making the photo collage that best reflect your thoughts. You can also go for customization options like page layout, background, photo shape, etc.

2. PicsArt

PicsArt is a powerful collage maker, which offers three modes to create photo collages: Grid, Frame and Background. All three modes offer different sets of collage templates. Frame provides lots of collage templates like birthday, nature, travel, etc. It lets you add photos from various services other than your computer’s local storage, such as PicsArt network, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Picasa, etc.

3. Fotor

Fotor is a photo editor for multiple platforms including the web but is also a great photo collage maker. You can customize the border, background, template and photo quality. Pick your photo collage using any of the three offered modes: Template, Freestyle and Photo Stitching or go with the Freestyle mode, which allows you to organize the photos in any form or style of your choice. Check out our in-depth review on it.

4. Phototastic

Want to make a photo collage for a lot of photos? Phototastic lets you group up to 25 photos in the same collage. Fetch your photos from local storage, straight from your camera, or from Flickr then use their grid templates to create your collage. On top of that, you can customize the border, photo shape, frame, background, or add text or stickers to the photo collage.

5. Atlantas

Atlantas provides two layouts to start with the photo collage: Smart layout and Advanced layout. The simple Smart layout offers fewer customization options (only border and layout options) and a grid-based result. The Advanced layout offers freestyle placement of images along with more customization option, such as shapes, templates, background, photo shape, photo groups, etc.

Cool Collage

Want to keep it simple? Cool Collage keeps things basic and simple, just add the photos, choose a background and photo size, adjust or arrange the photos, and it’s complete. It offers a freestyle collage template, wherein you can place the photos in any form or style of your choice. You can also share your collages with your friends and family via Facebook or the Charms Bar in Windows 8.

My Collage

My Collage not only lets you create photo collages but also customized e-cards for various occasions. Choose one of the many given collage templates, add your photos and that’s it, you’re done.

While there are few customizations, you can add text, which can be used to write custom greetings or quotes on the photo collage or e-card and make them more personal. Share your masterpiece on Facebook.

Photo Joiner

Photo Joiner cannot be any simpler. Creating a photo collage using this application is as simple as choosing the photos and setting some customization options. It simply joins the photos in a vertical or horizontal grid to make a photo collage.

It offers only the basic configuration options, and no fancy or advance options such as collage templates, text, stickers, etc. are provided as its competitors. It also allows to share your collage on Facebook and Twitter.

Tap Collage

Tap Collage is a simple collage maker, which is not only limited to photo collages but also offers to create e-cards. You’re limited to pre-defined templates for making collages as well as e-cards using this application.

There are templates for creating collages of various types and e-cards for special occasions. The only option it offers is background color and this make the whole process easy: you only need to choose the template and add the photos, and the collage or e-card is ready!

Bonus: Pic Stitch (Paid)

Pic Stitch, as the name suggests, lets you stitch pictures, i.e., join photos to create collages. It’s a premium application that comes at a small price for Windows platform.

Some of the offered features are stickers, photo effects, rich collection of collage templates, and various customization options such as texture and border layouts, photo aspect ratios, etc. You can also share your masterpiece on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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