15 Best YouTube Channels to Start Learning Web Development

Want to be a web developer but not sure where to start or which programming language to begin with? There are plenty of resources you can fall back on to start learning languages like Swift or frameworks like AngularJS or even responsive design or just coding in general, if you know where to look (they’re everywhere on the Web).

Then again, there are some of us who learn better via video, and this contributes to many web design lessons being made available on Youtube. In this compilation, we’re featuring some of the best Youtube channels you can go back to over and over again, to learn a variety of aspects to do with web development.

We have listed some of the topics that are expected from each of the videos, to make your search easier for you. Let us know, via the comments, of any other channels that you think should be in this list.


Codecourse helping you learn to code for web development for free. There are videos about making awesome CSS using Bourbon & Neat, bulding MVC applications in PHP from scratch, and learning material for PHP from the basics up to practical application.

Things you can learn: PHP, CSS, Hosting.

code course

Dev Tips

DevTips gives you weekly tutorials and each video covers a topic thoroughly yet in an easy-to-follow manner. You can go into the basics such as HTML and CSS, CSS positioning, and others. The creator also devulges his experience in developing his personal website, from finding ideas, wireframing, creating web components to the final result.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


Level Up Tuts

Scott Tolinski runs this channel, covering CSS Styling and web-building, frameworks such as AngularJavaScript, CMS like WordPress or Magento. and more. On design, he covers tutorials about the Sketch app, giving some sketching tips and guides to using some features. He releases a new video twice a week.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (AngularJavaScript, Meteor), PHP, Design (Sketch 3).



JREAM regularly provides programming courses with many topics there that you can learn, covering both front-end development (CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Gulp) and back-end development (PHP OOP). Sometimes there are also videos on useful tips, such as advice on writing good code and new topics such as Windows 10.

Things you can learn: CSS, JavaScript(NodeJavaScript, jQuery), PHP, MySql, Design (Photoshop, Illustrator).



A channel that can help you become a Pro web developer, with topics ranging from the basics to what is emerging today – all about web development. You will learn the basics of HTML, JavaScript fundamentals, jQuery, CSS, and Modular JavaScript or ES6 Cheatsheet. There are also tutorials on how to use multiple Pro WebDev tools.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including Node.JavaScript, Angular.JavaScript, Backbone.JavaScript), Server Administration, Deployment Strategies.


Mackenzie Child

Mackenzie Child covers various topics in web development, from design to coding to launching web apps on Ruby on Rails. There are screencasts about Ruby on Rails in 12 different applications, ranging from blogs, to-do apps to Pinterest clones on Rails.

Things you can learn: Ruby on Rails.


Derek Banas

Derek Banas presents a video tutorial on programming in many languages. Interestingly he covers the topic of programming languages in the video as a whole. You can see a tutorial on Object Oriented JavaScript, CSS and SASS, Ruby, Go, Swift, Visual C#, Haskel, Dart, Scala and other languages.

Things you can learn: CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, Swift, Visual C#, Haskel, Dart etc.



StartHere.fm is a podcast channel about web development. The topics presented include: introduction to HTML and CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Rails and also about design (prototyping, wireframing, UX).

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails.


Tuts+ Web Design

Tut+ creates video courses and tutorials to help you learn and master skills in web design. You can learn much here, including mastering Bootstrap, layout on Photoshop and Dreamweaver, build a responsive layout, implement SASS and Compass, making themes for Tumblr, and more. The in 60 Seconds videos make many topics very simple.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, Design (Photoshop, Dreamweaver).


Adam Khoury

Here is a free video course from Adam Khoury, that aims to help you in mastering web development technologies such as JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and others.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL.


Coder’s Guide

On Coder’s Guide you can learn computer programming more broadly. You can start from HTML/CSS and JavaScript then move on to more advanced topics such as responsive websites and applying WordPress themes with Bootstrap. Also available are videos on Java programming and VisualBasic.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, VisualBasic.


Brad Hussey

Check out this channel by Brad Hussey which feaures free courses on coding for web development. The topics include: building websites from scratch using HTML and CSS, responsive web with Bootstrap, coding dynamic websites using PHP and others. Also included are videos about web hosting, and even how to be a great freelancer.

Things you can learn: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP.


Google Chrome Developer

Google Chrome Developer shows web development best practice, HTTP 203, Polycast (about Google Polymer) and a very interesting tool tips series that shows you good tips for using many web fundamental apps or tools.

Things you can learn: HTML, JavaScript, Google Polymer.

chrime developer

Google Web Designer

A channel to learn about the features and functionalities of the Google Web Designer tool, pluts a tutorial to using it to build a great website.

Things you can learn: Design, HTML, CSS, JS.

google web designer

CSS Tricks

This is the YouTube Channel for CSSTricks.com made by Chris Coyier. The channel shows screencasts mainly about web design related topics, including CSS, Responsive design, SVG and others. There are also screencasts about WordPress Development.

Things you can learn: CSS, JavaScript, WordPress.

css tricks