10 Useful GitHub Repositories For Web Developers

GitHub is a fantastic platform for developers to share open-source projects with the rest of the world. There are several repositories available that may assist you as a developer, however, finding valuable repositories among the 45 million public Github repositories is a tough challenge.

Therefore, to make it easier for you to find the best and most useful resources, this article presents some of the best GitHub repositories with high popularity, usability, and demand. Let’s check each one out.

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1. The Art of Command Line

Developers often overlook command-line skills, even though they significantly increase one’s productivity. This repository contains notes and hints for using Linux’s command line with special sections dedicated to Windows and macOS. Check out this repository to learn more about the command line.

art of command line
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2. Awesome

If you’re ever stuck on some software engineering-related topic, your choices are either to refer to Google or pore over a heavy computer science book. A third and much useful way is to refer to Awesome.

Aesome is a Github repository that will make your search much easier as it contains a wealth of information on various topics such as programming languages, big data, and security.


3. CSS Protips

The CSS protips repository contains several helpful recommendations for enhancing your CSS skills. The tips in this repository will walk you through everything from working with CSS style elements to usability aspects in the easiest way possible. Head over to this GitHub repository to become a real pro of CSS.

css protips

4. Build Your Own X

The best way to learn how to do something is to do it yourself. The same goes for software development, which is best learned by developing products on your own.

This GitHub repository contains a set of tutorials that will show you how to develop almost everything in the field of software development, such as databases, software, search engine, web server, text editor, operating systems, and more. If you want to dive deep into a topic, now you know where to look.


5. Free Programming Books

Free Programming Books is one of the most popular and starred projects on GitHub, with books available in several languages. Although its title includes the word “Books,” it provides much more.

It has components for practically every programming language, including free online courses, interactive coding resources, podcasts, and cheat sheets.

free programming ebook
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6. Developer Roadmap

Many students and newcomers to programming are unsure which technology to study and which path to take to become a developer. This repository has a detailed chart with the technologies in each development area (Backend, Frontend, etc.) that will help you understand what you should study next.

developer roadmap

7. The Algorithms – Python

Are you looking for a Python library to implement algorithms? If yes, then you’ll want to have a look at this repository. There are many algorithmic topics to implement, data structures, machine learning, neural networks, linear algebra, and much more. The repository also contains a collection of project euler problems.

the algorithms

8. 30 Seconds of Code

This is the source you need the most if you don’t know much about web programming. 30 Seconds of Code is a fantastic resource for tiny code snippets that will help you speed up your web development. So, whether you’re a programmer or a web designer, you should have a look at this repository. It contains several codes that will make your website more user-friendly.

30 second of code

9. Coding Interview University

Getting a coding interview is a tough challenge. Preparation is frequently the difference between success and failure in a coding interview. John Washam, the owner of this GitHub repository, has listed practically everything you need to know to prepare for an interview.

The repository has books, lectures, online resources, and videos on various software engineering topics as well as CV writing hints, job application suggestions, and much more.

coding interview university
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10. Public APIs

If you’re a developer, you’ll almost certainly have to work with APIs in your program. This repository simplifies developer duties by providing a list of regularly updated public API sets.

These APIs are free and organized into several categories to make it easier to explore them. Mark this repository with a star to use while developing your application.