15 Places to Learn Swift Programming Language For Free

If you have been programming with Objective-C, learning Swift would be a breeze as it has inherited a number of syntax that you may already have been familiar with. And if learning Swift is in your to-do list but you haven’t started, here are a few free sources that are going to make things a lot easier for you.

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Hack – The Language Behind Facebook

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1. The Swift Programming Language

Available for download for Mac OS and iOS, the Swift Programming Language is available via iBooks. It is Apple’s very own Swift reference, and it covers the essentials, concepts and workflow with code examples.

An official guide like this book is always the best place to start with something new.

swift ibook

2. The Swift Blog

Here’s a third source on Swift by Apple, a dedicated blog called The Swift Blog. The blog covers tips, insights, and examples on Swift utilization. Despite only having a few posts published at the time of writing, this is still the best source to stay up-to-date with Swift.

swift blog

3. Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Swift

Many developers have also put their hands on Swift and shared their findings on their blogs. TeamTreeHouse in their post, An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Swift, summarized the essentials for beginners; what Swift is, the prerequisite tools, and a basic run-through of the Swift syntax.

swift absolute beginners

4. Introduction to Swift for Non-Programmers

Swift is designed to be as easy to understand as possible so that non-programmers or entry-level users will be able to pick it up quickly.

This free course from Udemy, titled Introduction to Swift for Non-Programmers, consists of 8 videos that will walk you through the fundamentals even without prior programming experience.

swift intro

5. LearnSwift

LearnSwift is similar to SoSoSwift. It is a collection of sources for tutorials, video screencasts, and libraries for Swift. LearnSwift laid out the sources in three sections: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Pick the level you are most confident in and start learning Swift today.

learn swift

6. Drawing With Swift in Playgrounds

One significant feature Apple brought to Swift is the Playground. Within the Playground, we can immediately see how our codes act and turn out, immediately.

Join Nate Murray in this video to see how to "play" in the Playground.

7. Creating a To-do List App using Swift

There are plenty of to-do list apps in the App Store. Many of them bring a set of great features with a nice user interface design. But, if you feel like creating your own to-do list App, here is a video screencast to get you started.

8. Swift on StackOverflow

Having bugs in your App is unavoidable. So, in case you have bug trouble, head over to this OverflowStack for Swift to get help from other developers. You are also likely to come across some threads where you can pick up a couple of tips and tricks on how to use Swift.

swift stackoverflow

9. Hacking with Swift

Hacking with Swift is a collection of courses that teach app developments with Swift written by Paul Hudson. Each project will walk you through to practical approaches on leveraging iOS to build great apps and games.

Courses are 100% free and the project source code can be found in Github.

10. Udacity: Swift for Beginners

Udacity, one of reputable online course providers, provides a free material to learn Swift programming language.

The course contains 4 lessons with each lesson contains about a dozen videos and excercise that will teach you the most fundamental things to learn Swift such as Variables, Contants, Strings, and Functions.

This is a perfect course for for the absolute beginners.

udacity swift

11. Swift Learning Guide

A comprhensive collection of written tutorials, tips, and video courses to learn Swift. This is a great source of learning both for those who just get started or a seasoned developers trying to dive in Swift.

You will learn the basic and fundamentals to the advanced level of the language such as learning on the Design Pattern, security, and developing augmented reality.

tutsplus swift

12. CodeWithChris: Learn Swift

A collection of video tutorial basic programming with Swift. It contains 12 lessons covering the fundamental concept like variables and data types to a more advanced concept like classes and inheritance. Chris Ching is an excellent tutor that makes these lessons easy to follow.

chris swift

13. SwiftUI Basics for Beginners

As soon as you get the grasp of Swift programming language, it’s time for you to up level your skill with the SwiftUI.

It’s a UI framework by Apple that introduced a new way to build UI for your macOS and iOS application seamlessly. This video tutorials will help you get started.

chris swift ui

14. Swift: Build Your First App in 30 minutes

The better way to learn how to code better, including with Swift, is to build a real thing. So now after learning all these Swift programming fundamentals, it’s time to build your first app.

In this video tutorial, Sean Allen will guide you through on how to build a Music Player. Sounds cool?

beginner swift

15. SoSoSwift

Note: SoSoSwift is no longer available.

SoSoSwift is a collection of sources on where to learn Swift. Here you can find videos, articles, tutorials, code examples, and libraries to build Apps for iOS and OS X, with Swift. Do you have suggestions of sources or tutorials to be included in the collection? You can send a request or submit the link to the site to have it listed.

soso swift