35 Forums and Discord Servers for Designers and Developers

Web design and development are among the most popular career choices today. These ever-evolving fields demand staying current with new trends. A great way to stay informed is through engaging in discussion forums and professional communities.

In this post, we explore some top forums and communities where web designers and developers can connect. These platforms host a global network of professionals sharing ideas, solving challenges, and offering solutions. Continue reading to discover more about each of these vibrant communities.

1. Designer Hangout

Designer Hangout

Designer Hangout stands out as a highly active UX design community online. With over 5000 members, it boasts a rigorous selection process to foster quality discussions.

2. #frontendDevelopers


#frontendDevelopers is an excellent hub for finding new job opportunities. It’s also a place for receiving peer feedback, staying abreast of the latest trends, and exchanging ideas among fellow developers.

3. Digital Point

Digital Point

Digital Point is recognized as the world’s largest webmaster community, featuring a vast forum. It covers a wide range of topics including search engines, business, marketing, design, development, and various trading aspects.

4. Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup

CoffeeCup Software, which began in a coffee shop in 1996, offers a forum centered around its simple HTML Editor. The forum is dedicated to assisting web designers in creating superior websites, with discussions easily accessible through a search box or category selection.

5. Webdeveloper.com Forum

Webdeveloper.com Forum

Webdeveloper.com is a comprehensive forum focused on general web development and programming. It features separate sections for client-side and server-side development, as well as site management. With a vibrant community of over 2000 users and 39,000 posts, this forum is a go-to resource for feedback, tutorials, and a wide array of web design and SEO topics.

6. Talk Graphics

Talk Graphics

Talk Graphics is a specialized forum for graphic designers and 3D artists. To join, you’ll need to provide basic information like your date of birth, username, and email. This community is rich with insights about Xara products, offering a platform for designers to connect and share.

7. Graphic Design Forum

Graphic Design Forum

The Graphic Design Forum (GDF) is among the largest and oldest forums dedicated to graphic design. Boasting over 20,000 members, this active community covers a wide range of topics, including web design, business tools, and more, making it a valuable resource for designers of all levels.

8. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is one of the most renowned communities for developers. Here, members earn reputation through answering questions and receiving upvotes. This reputation system allows users to comment, vote, and edit others’ comments, fostering a robust and knowledgeable community.

9. Graphic Design Forums (UK)

Graphic Design Forums (UK)

Graphic Design Forums in the UK is a welcoming community for designers of all types and levels. Active since 2008 and with over 18,000 users, it’s a place for sharing ideas, posing questions, and finding answers in a friendly environment.

10. Larachat


Larachat is a dedicated Slack channel for those interested in Laravel, a popular PHP framework. It’s an ideal spot to interact with experienced Laravel professionals who are ready to assist and share their expertise in a supportive community setting.

11. Bootstrap


Bootstrap is renowned for its HTML, CSS, and JS framework for crafting popular UI components and interactions. With a thriving community of over 7,000 members, it’s an excellent place to learn about the latest in Bootstrap technology and trends.

12. Webdesignforums.net


Webdesignforums.net is a vast community dedicated to designers, boasting over 55,000 members. It covers a wide range of categories including web design, design software, programming, web marketing, hosting, and server setup, making it a valuable resource for any design-related queries.

13. HTML Forums

HTML Forums

HTML Forums is a platform specifically tailored to HTML, known for its ‘electrifying discussions.’ It’s a hub for a variety of topics including server administration, domain names, and traffic, making it a go-to destination for HTML enthusiasts.

14. The SitePoint Forums

The SitePoint Forums

The SitePoint Forums are a fantastic resource for delving into topics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, .Net, Marketing, Database, design, UX, and hosting. It’s an ideal place for both learning new concepts and finding solutions to specific queries.

15. Webdevforums


Webdevforums offers a platform where you can receive feedback on your website, discover useful tutorials, and seek answers to marketing and SEO queries. Its categorization at the bottom of the page allows for easy navigation and exploration.

16. Make WordPress

Make WordPress

Make WordPress is a dedicated Slack channel focused on the WordPress open-source project. This includes discussions on plugins, themes, translations, events, and the core itself. It’s open for everyone to join and actively participate in the ongoing discussions.

17. Laminas PHP

Laminas PHP

Laminas PHP offers a suite of PHP libraries and frameworks that enhance the speed and ease of PHP application development. The forum is a go-to resource for assistance with these libraries, offering support from both the community and professional Laminas developers. It’s also a place for sharing feedback and contributions to the framework.

18. Dev.to


Dev.to, while not technically a forum, operates like one. It’s a free community blog where individuals can share knowledge, ask questions, and engage in discussions covering a broad spectrum of software development topics, including programming languages, industry insights, career advice, tutorials, and more.

19. Laracast Discuss

Laracast Discuss

Laracasts, renowned for its Laravel-focused video tutorials, also hosts a free forum. Here, you can ask any questions about Laravel and engage with an active and supportive community.

20. Ghost Forum

Ghost Forum

The official Ghost Forum revolves around Ghost, a free and open-source CMS built on Node.js. Participants can engage in discussions about development, news, ideas, feature requests, or even buy and sell Ghost-related items.

21. Hacker News

Hacker News

Hacker News is a blend of a social media forum and a news platform, where users can share and discover the latest tech and entrepreneurship news. The active community can participate in discussions, and upvote or downvote news. Gaining prominence on Hacker News can significantly boost visibility.

22. Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is a forum where developers share strategies, tips, and insights about running digital businesses and side projects. It’s an inspiring community for those looking to embark on their own entrepreneurial journey or seeking practical advice.

23. ProductHunt Discussion

ProductHunt Discussion

While not a traditional forum, ProductHunt Discussions offer a forum-like sense of community. Members can engage in conversations about the latest products, provide feedback, and participate in the upvoting or downvoting of products.

24. Symfony Devs

Symfony Devs

The official Symfony Devs Slack channel is a meeting point for PHP developers. With over 600,000 members from around the world, it’s a vibrant community for discussions on Symfony and general PHP development.

25. Figma Forum

Figma Forum

The Figma Forum is a community where designers come together to share issues, tips, and tricks for using Figma, the modern design application. It’s a collaborative space for designers to learn and help each other.

26. HashNode


HashNode is a dynamic platform for developers, covering a range of topics from front-end to back-end web development, design, mobile, and desktop apps. It’s an excellent place to connect with peers and enhance your development skills.

27. Vue.js Forum

Vue.js Forum

The official Vue.js Forum unites Vue.js enthusiasts globally. It’s a resourceful place for resolving Vue.js issues, job postings, or showcasing your work. The forum also features rooms in Vietnamese, Japanese, and French.

28. WordPress Support Forums

WordPress Support Forums

WordPress Support Forums are invaluable for learning, sharing, and seeking help on self-hosted WordPress sites, including themes and plugins. The forum supports various local languages, catering to a global WordPress community.

29. Envato Forum

Envato Forum

The Envato Forum is a creative hub within the Envato marketplace network. It’s an ideal place for designers, web developers, and photographers to share their work, learn, and grow their professional skills.

30. Photography Talk

Photography Talk

Photography Talk, one of the longest-running photography forums, offers neatly organized categories ranging from beginner tips and editing to freelancing and galleries, making it a user-friendly platform for photographers.

31. Krita


Krita offers a robust platform for photo editing and artistic creation. The forum connects you with a vast community for artwork inspiration, Q&As, and learning from experienced users of this versatile software.

32. Graphic Design StackExchange

Graphic Design StackExchange

Graphic Design StackExchange, part of the StackExchange network, is aimed at designers seeking help on a variety of graphic design topics, from software like Photoshop and Illustrator to technical tips and design theories.

33. Photoshop Gurus Forum

Photoshop Gurus Forum

Photoshop Gurus Forum, one of the oldest dedicated to Photoshop, addresses a wide array of topics from general techniques to specific software queries. It’s a place where professionals can offer help, either paid or voluntarily.

34. CodeCademy Discuss

CodeCademy Discuss

CodeCademy Discuss is a platform where everything related to software development is on the table. Whether learning, seeking help, or sharing projects for feedback, this forum also offers career development opportunities in the software industry.

35. Blender Artists

Blender Artists

Blender Artists Forum is the premier destination for Blender users. It serves as a home base for the Blender community, offering inspiration, tutorials, professional advice, and a platform for both work and fun related to Blender.