Visit Spain (Espana) Through Stunning Photographs

Spain – or officially, The Kingdom of Spain – is an extremely mountainous European country. The climate is very diverse and according to region – and the rain in Spain does NOT fall mainly on the plain, it falls mainly on the northern mountains. Spanish territory also includes the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Spain has a wide diversity of architectural styles and landscapes. There are numerous local languages spoken in Spain, the national language is Castellano – basically, traditional Spanish, other languages include Catalan, Valenciano and Basque.

Because of its location, Spain was subject to many external influences throughout early history. However, it has been an important source of influence to other regions, mainly between the 16th and 18th Centuries, when it became a global empire that has left a legacy of over 400 million Spanish speakers today, making it the world’s second most spoken first language. Famous people from Spain include Christopher Columbus – discoverer of America, Salvador Dali – Surrealist artist, Pablo Picasso – artist, co-founder of Cubism, and more recently Antonio Banderas – actor and Penelope Cruz – actress.

Let’s take a trip down to Spain via some stunning photographs. Be warned, this is long list and for those with slow internet connection, it might take a while to load.


Madrid is the capital and largest city in Spain, although probably one of the smallest autonomous regions.

Madrid, Spain (Image source: isayx3)

madrid, spain

Parque Natural de Penalara, Madrid (Image source: Luis_Carrasco)

Las Rozas Bridge, Madrid (Image source: 4ullas)

Madrid Metropolis (Image source: yoquini)

Gravity in Madrid (Image source: LinaElShamy)

Alcala University (Image source: integrity_of_light)

El Escorial, Madrid (Image source: feniche)

Madrid in HDR (Image source: Ender079)

Real Madrid CF Stadium HDR (Image source: marcp_dmoz)

La Cava de San Miguel (HDR) (Image source: R. Duran)

Madrid, city hall – HDR (Image source: R. Duran)

Mucho mejor un vaso de tinto (Carrion Building, Madrid) (Image source: el silencio)

Madrid – Parque Juan Carlos I. Puente sobre el lago (Image source: Jose Mazcona)

Puerta de Europa (Image source: R. Duran)

Cuatro Torres Business Area (Madrid) (Image source: Roberto Ruiz)

Madrid Wishes you a Merry Christmas (Image source: Jose Maria Cuellar)

Kaleidoscope of spring (Palacio de Cristal, Madrid) (Image source: R. Duran)


Barcelona is the second largest city, and capital of the Catalonia region. It is Spain’s main tourist destination, and probably the most photogenic region. Here stands a glorious monument to Christopher Columbus, the largest football stadium in Europe, Camp Nou, which has a seating capacity of 100,000, and many other architectural delights awaiting photographers.

Monumento a Colon, Barcelona (Image source: marcp_dmoz)

Torre Agbar, Barcelona (Image source: triagon)

La Pedrera, Barcelona (Image source: mdominy)

Camp Nou, Barcelona (Image source: erenabice)

House of Art, Barcelona (Image source: Souvik_Prometure)

La Pedrera – Casa Milà (Image source: Paco CT)

Mirror/Espejo (Barcelona) (Image source: J. Salmoral)

Rays From Heaven (Port Vella, Barcelona) (Image source: Paco CT)

Walking Montserrat (Barcelona) (Image source: José Luis Mieza)

Ojo de Pez – Fish Eye (Image source: maytevidri)


Valencia, Spain’s third largest city is the capital of the Valencian Community. The City of Arts and Sciences is a wonderful example of modern architecture and a photographer’s dream.

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia (Image source: barrabash)

City of Valencia (Image source: iloan)

Port authority (Valencia) (Image source: Kamuro)

Torre de Tamarit (Valencia) (Image source: Raman Sobrino Torrens)


Bilbao is the largest city in the Basque area of Spain, and capital of the Viscaya region. There are many examples of modern architecture in this city, along with more traditional styles.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao (Image source: basajauntxo)

Bilbao – Panorama (Image source: GustavoCba)

Elsewhere in Spain

Lizara, Aragon (Image source: EddyB)

Valle del Pisuena, Cantabria (Image source: lapidim)

Playa de la Arnia, Cantabria (Image source: JoseLMC)

Puente Vidosa, Aguasaliu (Image source: jtsoft)

Port Lligat, Girona (Image source: neuza teixeira)

Mazonovo Taramundi, Asturias (Image source: dnieper)

Torrecerredo, Asturias (Image source: jtsoft)

A Coruna, Galicia (Image source: Henry J.)

Teatro Guimera, Tenerife, Canary Islands (Image source: papalars)

Plaza de Anaya, Salamanca (Image source: marcp_dmoz)

Pantano del Porma, Leon (Image source: dnieper)

Catedral Salamanca, Castilla Leon (via wikipedia)

Paisaje de la Grajera, La Rioja (Image source: Arbego)

Marques de Riscal Hotel Winery, La Rioja (Image source: jmoranmoya)

Roman Aquaduct, Nerja (Image source: Butch Osborne)

Palicios de Caceres (Image source: Sylole)

Caceres, Extremadura (Image source: UVEpothographer)

La Mancha (Image source: via Wallpaperme)

Amanecer, Almeria (Image source: dleiva)

Asturias, arcoiris (Image source: R. Duran)

Onyar River Reflections (Girona) (Image source: NatashaP)

Cadaqués (Image source: MorBCN)

Paradise 6pm (Santoa) (Image source: Zyber)

Pont Vell de Besalú (Image source: Santi RF)

Zaragoza. Basílica del Pilar (Image source: Sigurd66)

Templo de Debod (Arguelles) (Image source: Santiago Caamao)

Rio Manzanares, atardeciendo – HDR (Arguelles) (Image source: R. Duran)

Tormes river @ Salamanca (Image source: Paco CT)

Castillo y Niebla (Iruela) (Image source: Paco Gamez)

Follow the yellow brickstairs (Santiago de Compostela) (Image source: dogonnit)

Claustro Santo Domingo (Castille and Leon) de Silos (Image source: labcstm)

River Sunset (Xeraco) (Image source: Vicent de los Angeles)

Pico Ropé, Chera (Image source: Toni Duarte)

Mediterranean Architecture (Castellon) (Image source: QuimG)

Denia (Alicante) (Image source: Ayla Herraiz)

Desert’s End (Gran Canaria, Canary Islands) (Image source: McDave Hamburg)

Atardecer en La Pared, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) (Image source: Quique Bloody)

Formes i Funcions (Palma, Mallorca, Balearic Islands) (Image source: SBA73)

La Seu (Mallorca, Balearic Islands) (Image source: Philipp Klinger)

Yacht Shopping (Palma, Mallorca, Balearic Islands) (Image source: Philipp Klinger)

Ibiza (Balearic Islands) (Image source: Dregster)

San Fermin Bull Run, Pamplona 2010, Fireworks (Image source: Getty Images)

Loja, Granada (Image source: Usayd)

Andalucia Sunrise (Image source: PictureElement)

Benidorm Beach (Image source: Freakland)

Tram Station, Alicante (Image source:

Bahia de Calpe, Alicante (Image source: Javisaye)

Campoamor, Alicante (Image source: alba-7)

Elche, Alicante (Image source: jrgcastro)

Benidorm, Alicante (Image source: pacodonderis)

Castalla Castle, Alicante (Image source: Fenwalker)

Fiestas in Spain

There are many fiestas in Spain all year round in every town. I round this collection off with a couple of examples of ‘Espana en Fiestas.

San Fermin, Pamplona – Running of the Bulls (Image source: National Geographic)

Moros y Cristianos, Alcoy (Image source: Patrick Mira)

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