20 Freebies for Aspiring UX Motion Designers

Onboarding Cards

User onboarding is a crucial step for every new mobile application. It’s always nice to include some animations at this stage, that’s why these onboarding card animations can be very helpful to app designers.

onboarding cards mobile app

This was created by Austin Baird, and released for free to be used on any UI/UX project.

Principle Demos

As you delve further into Principle, you’ll learn a lot of advanced workflow techniques. One of the best freebies to go further is this one created for the Yalantis creative team.

principle freebie pro tricks

This is a completely free resource for Principle users to download and play with. It covers a few tricks showing how to become a pro at Principle animation.

Dropdown Menus

Menu dropdowns often employ crazy animations to capture our attention. This After Effects freebie uses a dropdown stairs animation on the menu for individual elements to make them drop like stairs.

aep dropdown mobile nav ui

This may not be useful for everyone but it’s certainly a great way to learn about After Effects interface animation.

Final Words

All of these resources are completely free to download and toy with in your own projects. If you’re brand new to UX animation I guarantee you’ll learn a lot by studying these freebies. If you know any other great resources feel free to drop links in the comments.

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