20 Freebies for Aspiring UX Motion Designers

Ritter App

Here’s another great freebie released by Sergey Bykov for what he calls the Ritter App. This includes a free Sketch file for the vector interface, along with a free PRD file for the Principle animation.

mobile app ui ux

You’ll get a lot of different animations in this freebie, so I think it would be more useful to an intermediate-to-advanced designer. Beginners can learn a lot from it as well, but may have a steep learning curve.

Invite Friends

We all know and love the plus icon flyout menu of Google. Well, Jardson Almeida created a Friends Invite menu based on a simple Material Design concept.

invite friends mobile ux animation

Everything was designed in Sketch, and imported to Principle for animation. You get both files as freebies to download and toy around with.

Card Swipe

Here’s another general swiping freebie made only for Principle users. This is a card swipe interface created for general purpose slideshows or native app UIs.

card swipe animation principle

I think this is the perfect freebie for a beginner who’s just getting into Principle. It’s not so complicated that you’ll feel lost, yet it’s not so simple that you’ll feel trivialized.

Chat on Map

Many designers still use Photoshop for interfaces, and it’s also true of this map chat freebie. You can download a PSD file for the interface, and a PRD file for the Principle animation.

maps chat ui animation

It’s a surprisingly tame animation for the style, but it still looks great and functions exactly as you’d expect in a simple maps/geolocation app.

App Loading

Mobile apps often use loading screens to tell visitors that something’s happening in the backend. One of my favorite freebies in this collection is this loading animation created by Roman Wagner.

promo codez loading screen

It loads individual elements one after another once the loading screen has finished. This animation is very smooth, and completely credible in the realm of mobile app design.

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