Tweet directly from Chrome address bar with Chromnitweet

Chrome’s address bar is rather handy as it acts both as a browsing tool and a search bar. Now, you can even tweet from it using an extension called Chromnitweet.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed this extension to your Chrome browser, all you need to do is to authorize the extension to use your Twitter account.

From there, you can begin tweeting by typing ‘tw’ into the address bar, then followed by the tweet itself. Once you’ve completed your tweet, hit the “enter” key to publish it.

authorize chromnitweet

As this extension merely helps you to publish tweets to your Twitter account, you’ll still need to access Twitter or a Twitter client to monitor your published tweets.

The extension is no replacement for a Twitter client such as Tweetdeck in terms of flexibility, but it is useful if you need to get a tweet out ASAP.

tweeting with chromnitweet