10 Tumblr Blogs To Follow For Great Writing Tips

Few websites are friendlier to creatives than Tumblr, a place to scroll through, like, and reblog posts like there’s no tomorrow. It’s not surprising, then, that hundreds of writing blogs have popped up all over that site faster than you can say “dashboard”.

With so many to choose from, it can get a bit daunting when trying to figure out which you should pay attention to. Therefore, I’ve gathered here 10 of the best must-follow Tumblr blogs for writers. Whether it’s helpful feedback or just some inspiration that you need, these sites can help you keep on writing.

1. The Right Writing

“A tip a day keeps writer’s block away.” This, in a nutshell, is The Right Writing‘s tagline (if it had one). Unlike most writing blogs, TRW does its best to give more than generic writing advice such as “Set a daily writing quota” or “Just keep hammering away at your keyboard”. Instead, it gives specific, actionable tips on how to craft a first line, how to describe a character, how to craft an eye-catching title, etc. The blog also occasionally posts interesting, writing-related links.

tumblr writing tips

2. Quotes From Books

Whether you need life advice from the world’s greatest writers or inspiration for writing awesome lines, Quotes from Books is the blog to follow. The site also provides book recommendations in case you’re looking for something new to read. After all, writers need to read as much – if not more than – they write, right?

tumblr writing tips

3. Writing Quotes

If “writer’s block” is bugging you (again), check out this site. Writing Quotes dishes out tips straight from the greats themselves on how to write, how not to write, how to read, and “all sorts of wordy things”, as the blogger put it. Pro-Tip: You can reblog the quotes that resonate the most with you, and tag them “writing quotes”, so you can refer back to them later when you need them. More Tumblr tips here.

tumblr writing tips

4. WordStuck

One of a writer’s greatest weapons is an expansive vocabulary, and WordStuck does a wonderful job of filling that need. The site regularly posts about words from around the world and their respective meanings, framed in beautiful graphics created by the blogger. It’s especially fun when the site posts words that have no direct English translation – and you’re a native speaker of the language that uses that word!

tumblr writing tips

5. Yeah Write

Yeah Write doesn’t just dish out writing advice, post daily prompts, and write about industry news, it also encourages writers to come together as a community through their “workshopper” program, where people can publicly offer their editing/proofreading / workshopping services. Whether you need any of these services or not, Yeah Write is a must-follow site.

tumblr writing tips

6. Writing Problems

Ever felt that you’re the only one who suffers from (insert writing problem here)? Don’t worry; Writing Problems is here to let you know that, yes, you’re not the only one who types a word, presses “Backspace”, types that word again, and presses “Backspace” again. Scroll through their posts for a dose of side-splitting, “Hey, I can relate to this!” humor, and feel your writing-related stress melt away.

tumblr writing tips

7. Fix Your Writing Habits

Writers have a nasty habit of doing everything except – irony of ironies – writing. Douglas Adams, for instance, was notorious for missing deadlines, and had to be locked up in hotel rooms to have any of his work done. (In case his name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the man behind The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.)

As the blog’s title implies, Fix Your Writing Habits tries to give you the best advice possible for getting you back on track, as well as vanquishing the Procrasti-Monster forever. The site is run by multiple authors, who put their money where their mouth is by posting on the blog regularly.

tumblr writing tips

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8. Reference For Writers

If you’re a writer who constantly works under tight deadlines, Reference For Writers is for you. The site posts comprehensive lists and links to research materials that would have taken you hours to find on your own. Occasionally, it posts the usual writing-blog material: tips, ideas, and inspiration for wordsmiths.

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9. The Writing Café

Don’t want to clutter your dashboard with too many writing blogs? Just follow this one, then. The Writing Café is your all-in-one resource for writing advice, writing resources, links to research materials, etc. The blogger is friendly enough to answer questions, and patient enough to direct you to existing links if you ask a question that’s already been answered.

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10. Your Favorite Author’s Tumblr Blogs

It’s difficult to link to just one author, since there are so many of them, and each of them caters to a specific taste. Personally, I follow Neil Gaiman for updates on his work, as well as Joe Hill, the eldest son of Stephen King and a formidable horror author in his own right. You can find more author blogs when you click “Find Blogs” on your dashboard, and click “Writers” in the Spotlight tab.

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These blogs are just the tip of the iceberg. As writing keeps evolving as a craft, it’s inevitable for new writing blogs to mushroom all over the web (not just on Tumblr). If you know other writing blogs that haven’t been listed here, please do share them in the comments section.