Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love [Infographic]

Ever wonder what fonts other web designers prefer to use in their work? Ever wonder if your choice of font can help you set you apart from the rest? Ever wanted to know the answers to a question so badly that you would carry out a research to find out? Fellow web designer and writer of, Tomas Laurinavicius did just that. Granted it’s not a large sample size but the research revealed some interesting information like 3 Top 10 lists of fonts designers most love, most popular free fonts and most popular premium ones.

With some help from our friends in Piktochart, here is the gist of the research bundled up in a short infographic, exclusively for readers. And if you would like to know more, check out Tomas’ write-up about the research to get some insights from a few designers who took the time out to talk to Tomas about their favorite fonts to work with.

top to fonts infographic

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