Easily Sync Contacts and Calendar Events Across Devices with Fruux

Looking for a way to keep your to-do lists in sync across devices? That’s easy with apps like Any.Do. But what about your contacts and calendar events? That’s where Fruux comes in handy, especially for business and freelancers.

Fruux is a versatile address book that supports a wide range of devices:

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Mobile: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Firefox OS
  • Email and Calendar Clients, and more

Fruux lets you organize and sync your contacts and calendar events across all your devices. This means all your important information is always at your fingertips.

How to Set Up Fruux on Your Devices

First, create an account with Fruux. Then, add the devices you want to sync.

Devices Supported by Fruux

Fruux provides easy-to-follow instructions for each device setup, which is great if you have multiple devices.

Setting Up Devices on Fruux

You can also enhance security by using unique credentials for each device.

Fruux Security Features

Once set up, any new contact or event added to one device will sync across all connected devices.

Adding New Contacts and Events

We tested Fruux’s syncing capabilities using an iPhone and an email client. Initially, the iPhone contacts weren’t visible on the email client. However, when Fruux was set as the default account on the iPhone, new contacts synced seamlessly.

Fruux on iOS


Note that only new contacts and events will sync. Existing ones won’t. But you can manually add them via the Fruux website.

Adding Contacts on Fruux Website

Costs and Plans

Fruux is free for syncing two devices. For more, plans start at €4/month or €40/year. There’s also a Team package starting at €20/month for 5 members.

Fruux Pricing Plans

Final Thoughts

Our tests show that Fruux offers effortless syncing, making it a valuable tool for busy professionals. If you need a comprehensive contact and event manager, Fruux is worth a try.